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Welcome to the About Me page - it’s just what it says on the box, this is about me.

Current Employment



These are many and varied -

Music: Country and Electric Blues, Classical, Old Southern Rock, Bluegrass, music of the San Fransisco Bay from the 60s-70s and of course the music of the Grateful Dead and their family.

Walking and Bird Watching

History -

Researching Luftwaffe Units and operations, for the most part excluding the single engined fighter units.

Reading of Naval and Land battles of the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars.

Investigating English Placenames and Landscape History.

Reading about the Vikings

Other Reading - principally American Crime Fiction by authors such as: James Lee Burke; Michael Connelly, Denise Lehane, Donald Harstad and James Hall. Also the works of Michael Malone, Garrison Keillor etc - it’s a crime not to read them.

Building this website - if I can do it so can you!

I hope that this gives you an idea of what makes me tick (twitch... stumble....ramble etc)

Thank you for reading this.

Best regards

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