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This is the result of approximately 3 years work on my part, collating the data from many primary and secondary sources.

At this point I must acknowledge the contributions, and encouragement, received from the following individuals:-

Larry de Zeng IV, Dave Wadman, Nick Beale, Melvin Brown, Dave Pausey, Andrew Arthy, Andy Fletcher and Oliver Harms. To you and the many others who have provided data used in this site - thank you one and all! This site includes the following information about Aufkl.Gr.(F)/122:-

[Diary]:- A chronological list of events arranged by year, month and date.

[Establistment]:- A page dealing with formation and disbandment. A list of the different aircraft types used by each Staffel, a page containing the descriptions of the unit emblems and a listing of bases.

[Personnel]:- A set of pages listing unit commanders and known personnel of each unit.

[Losses]:- A list of losses arranged by year.

[References]:- A list of reference sources.

Any errors are, of course, of my making - please highlight these where necessary. You can post additional information or corrections on the LuftwaffeData Bulletin Board.

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