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Oct 1939 – 3(F)./122 commenced strategic reconnaissance operations for Luftflotte 2 over the North Sea area, along the east coast of England and over northeast France and the Low Countries.[1]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
1 Oct 1939 3(F)./122 Do 17P Damaged landing at Fp. Uetersen, 20 km NW of Hamburg, 10%.

5 Oct 1939 – An He 111P of 2(F)./122 reconnoitred the Moray Firth, but was driven off by Spitfires of the Royal Air Force’s 72 Sqdn.[2]

18 Oct 1939 – An He 111H of 2(F)./122 was attacked by Spitfires of 41 Sqdn RAF over the North Sea, the Heinkel was shot down.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
18 Oct 1939 2(F)./122 He 111H-1 F6+PK 2728 Shot down by 41 Sqdn Spitfires over the North Sea approx. 20 miles off Whitby. Lt. J. Kretschmer and one other drowned.

22 Oct 1939 – He 111 of 1(F)./122 chased by aircraft of 603 Sqdn after overflying a convoy off St. Abb’s Head. The aircraft was attacked as it headed out to sea. This He 111 crashed approximately seven miles from the coast.[3]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
22 Oct 1939 1(F)./122 He 111H Crashed into the sea off St Abbs Head – one member of the crew was killed in the attack by 603 Sqdn. The remainder of the crew, including their commander – Oblt. G-A. Awater, were picked up by HMS Ghurka.

26 Oct 1939 – a Do 17P of 4(F)./122 suffered an engine failure while on a sortie to the English East Coast. The aircraft force-landed in Holland.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
26 Oct 1939 4(F)./122 Do 17P F6+HM 4052 Forced landed at Grőningen, Holland. Uffz WendtFw. R. Diesterweg and Fw. J. Hundenborn all interned by the Dutch. The aircraft was taken to Soesterberg for examination by the RNAF.[4]


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