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1 Oct 1941 – 4(F)./122 sent out F6+AM to reconnoiter the railway station at Kurliovka and the railway line to Veluiki. In addition F6+MM reported road and rail traffic between Tischorezk and Rostov and recce'd a number of aerodromes in the area.[1]

1 – 2 Oct 1941 – 3(F)./122 sent out F6+PL to the Thames Estuary and the East Coast of England, operating from Eindhoven under orders of III/KG 30[2]

2 Oct 1941 – 3/122 operated a continuous recce of the E. Coast of England between the Thames Estuary and Tyne. 1 aircraft was sent out every five hours (0800, 1300, 1800)[2]

3 Oct 1941 – 3/122 sent F6+CL on operations to the southern North Sea.[2]

4 Oct 1941 – 3F/122 again sent F6+CL on operations to the southern North Sea[2] 4(F)./122 photographed the railway at Bachmatowa, southeast of Smolensk.[3]

5 Oct 1941 – 3/122 had up to three aircraft out along the Thames Estuary and E. Coast. Take-off was around 0930 and all had landed by 2030[2]

16 Oct 1941 – 3(F)./122 sent out Ju 88 F6+LL on a sortie from Montdidier at 05.51 hrs the plane landed at Amsterdam-Schiphol at 11.21 hrs.(Uffz. Fuett-Johann, Lt Huhn, Uffz. Bock and Gfr. Mech[4])

At 12.04hrs this aircraft was then flown back to Montdidier, landing at 13.19hrs.[3]

21 Oct 1941 – 1(F)./122 now moved to Shatalovka-Ost flying reconnaissance for the advance on Moscow.[5]

2(F)./122 now based at Smolensk-North (Stabna).[6]

24 Oct 1941 – 3(F)./122 sent out Ju 88 F6+KL (Lt Huhn and crew[7]) on a sortie from Montdidier taking off at 15.48hrs and returning at 19.39hrs.[8]

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
24 Oct 1941 2(F)./122 Ju 88A-4 Force landed near Toropets, 100%, 2 killed and 2 injured

5(F)./122 sent an aircraft to photograph the Soviet naval base at Hangö (Hanko, 59°50′N 022°58′E) in Finland..[9]


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