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Aufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)/100

(Unit Code T5+)

Formation. (Jan 43)

Formed 27 January 1943 at Smolensk-North and Orsha-South in Central Russia (ex-l.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L.). On formation, had 6 x Ju 88D-1, 3 x D-5, 1 x C-5, 3 x Bf 109F-4 and 2 x Ju 86R-1.[1]

Central Russia and Poland. (Jan 43 - Sep 44)

5 Feb 43: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 returned to Smolensk-North shot up by a fighter, 35%.[2]

6 Feb 43: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (T5+KH) failed to return from a recce mission - no details, 100%,4 MIA.

9 Feb 43: (Ost) - Ju 86 believed accidentally shot down by a German fighter near Vyazma, 100%, Oblt. Kurt Heider (Heitner) and Oblt. Alfred Löhr both killed.

9 Feb 43: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (T5+GH) ran out of fuel and force landed in Pl.Qu.53574, 100%,4 MIA.

18 Feb 43: Staffel flying recce missions for l. Fliegerdivision to the east and south of Orel.[3]

Apr 43: now fully based at Orsha-South and believed to be under FAGr.2.[4]

17 Apr 43: (Ost) - 2 Ju 88D-ls hit by bombs during air raid on Fp.Orsha-South, 100% and 15%.

20 Apr 43: (Ost) - 4 Ju 88D-ls (15% - 100%) and 3 Ju 86s (10% - 100%) destroyed or damaged by bombs during a second Russian air attack on Fp.Orsha-South.

Jun 43: received one or several Arado Ar 240s for operational evaluation in the intermediate and long-range reconnaissance role.[5]

25 Jun 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (T5+GH) FTR from Pl.Qu.0434, 100%, 4 MIA.

1 Jul 43: Staffel reported 6 x Ju 88 D-1, 3 x Ju 88 D-5, 1 x Ju 88 C-5, 3 x Bf 109 F-4 and 1 x Ju 86 R-1 on strength.

6 Jul 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (T5+CH) and Ju 88D-5 (T5+CH?) both FTR - no details, 100%, 8 MIA.

10 Jul 43: Staffel reported 17(11) Ju 86s and Ju 88s on strength.[6]

19 Jul 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88A-4 crashed SW of Fp.Orel-West, 100%, 2 killed.

3 Aug 43: (Lfl.6) - Ar 240 force landed at Fp.Orsha-South due to technical problems, 15%.

Sep 43: Staffel believed to have transferred from Orsha to another airfield in late August or first half of September, probably either Minsk or Baranowicze.

11 Sep 43: photographed the Velikiye Luki area.[7]

26 Sep 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-5 crashed at Fp.Bobruisk, 100%,4 killed.

7 Oct 43: photographed the Smolensk area.[8]

23 Oct 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (T5+GH) FTR from sector Vyazma-Bryansk-Gomel, 100%,4 MIA.

7 Nov 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l crashed and burned west of Kolpolienitsa, 100%,4 killed.

17 Nov 43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l ran out of fuel and crashed north of Minsk, 100%, 1 injured.

1 Jan 44: at Baranowicze/E Poland under FAGr.2 with 13 x Ju 88D-1, 3 x D-5 and 2 Ju 86R-1 and remained there until June 1944 - in addition to long-range reconnaissance missions, some of which were flown almost as far east as the Urals, the Staffel also flew daily weather reconnaissance.[9]

28 Jun 44: now at Pinsk-West under FAGr.2.[10]

1 Jul 44: Staffel reported 12 x Ju 88 D-1 and 1 x Ju 88 D-5 on strength.

Jul 44: transferred at the end of June or beginning of July as the massive Soviet Belorussian summer offensive pushed west, moving from Pinsk to Biała Podlaska/158 km E of Warsaw with 12 x Ju 88D-1 and 1 D-5. From there flew reconnaissance in the Sarny-Luninec-Pinsk area as well as other sectors along the front to spot supply columns and rail traffic for intelligence and targeting purposes.[11]

19 Jul 44: moved to Grójec/46 km S of Warsaw to 30 July and then to Hohensalza (Inowrocław)/NW Poland.[12]

Sep 44: at Hohensalza (Inowrocław).[13]

Oct 44: transferred to Jüterbog at the beginning of October to rest and refit after the Soviet offensive ground to a halt.[14]

Conversion and Operations in the West. (Jan 45 - May 45)

15 Jan 45: transferred from Jüterbog to Biblis on or about this date to begin conversion to the Arado Ar 234 jet. Kommando Hecht provided instruction.[15]

1 Feb 45: at Biblis - received 6 Ar 234s from the disbanded Kommando Hecht and declared operational effective this date under Lw.Kdo.West.[16]

26 Mar 45: now at Schwäbisch Hall under Stab/Aufkl.Gr.123.[17]

3 Apr 45: now at Lechfeld under the tactical control of 16.Fliegerdivision.[18]

9 Apr 45: reported the loss of 2 Ar 234s totally destroyed on the ground during Allied air attack on Munich-Riem.[19]

17 Apr 45: Lechfeld under 7.Jagddivision.

21 Apr 45: Lechfeld under 7.Jagddivision.[20]

25 Apr 45: now at Hörsching/12 km SW of Linz in Austria - lost an Ar 234 to a P-51 Mustang near Berchtesgaden after flying a recce mission over U.S. columns advancing in the Ulm-Augsburg area.[21]

28 Apr 45: Hörsching under 7.Jagddivision with Ar 234s and Me 262s.[22]

3 May 45: still at Hörsching under 7.Jagddivision.[23]

8 May 45: Staffel personnel who had not already dispersed surrendered at Saalbach, a small village in the Alps southwest of Salzburg/Austria.[24]

FpN: (L 39317)


Maj. Erich Marquardt (27 Jan 43 - Nov 44?) 4/43, 1/44, 10/44

Hptm. Heinz (Heinz-Georg) Hattan (Nov 44 - Feb 45)

Hptm. Hermann Holert (Hollert?) (DKG) (Feb 45 - Feb 45)

Hptm. Hans Czech (Feb 45 - Mar 45)

Oblt. Walter-Julius Carlein (Mar 45 - May 45)

Also see:

ALBRECHT, Gerhard, Lt./Oblt.

BLECK, Hans-Joachim, Lt.

BOCK, Gerhard, Hptm.

DENKER, Erik (Erich?), Oblt.

FINGER, Wilhelm, Lt.

FULST, Hansjürgen, Oblt.

GÖTZ, Horst, Oblt.

GRÜN, Rudolf, Oblt.

HEITNER, Kurt, Oblt.

ILGER, Walter Hugo Rudolf, Lt.

KÄSTNER, Otto, Oblt.

LÖHR, Alfred, Oblt.

PLETH, Berthold, Lt.

REINERS, Heinz, Lt.

SCHECH, Hans, Hptm.



SOMMER, Erich, Lt.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress).

(1st Draft 2022)


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