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1.(F)/Aufk1.Gr. 33

Code: (8H + )

Formation and Training. (Dec 40 - May 41)

Formed or ordered formed second half of December 1940 or first half of January 1941 (new) in western Germany, probably at Biblis/10 km NE of Worms, and equipped with Junkers Ju 88s.[1]

Central Russia and Germany. (Jun 41 - May 42)

4.41: elements of the Staffel sent to Weimar-Nohra to attend a reconnaissance course, but this may have involved personnel only and not aircraft.

15.4.41: Bf 110 crash landed at Biblis, 15%.

2.5.41: Ju 88 A-5 crash landed at Biblis, 70%.

22.6.41: Radzyn/East Poland under Koluft Heeresgruppe Mitte for the attack on the Soviet Union this date - assigned to support Panzergruppe 2 and 4th Army across Belorussia.

26.6.41: Ju 88 (8H+GH) failed to return from a recce mission over the Gomel area, 100%, crew MIA.

4.7.41: Ju 88 D-2 (DH+ES) failed to return (FTR) from a recce of the Orsha area, 100%, crew MIA.

22.7.41: Ju 88 D-l crash landed at Minsk-South, 85%. 2 injured.

24.7.41: at Minsk-South.

6.8.41: Ju 88 A-5 crash landed at Minsk, 30%.

14.9.41: Ju 88 A-4 (8H+SH) FTR from a recce of the Vyazma-Tula area, 100%, 4 MIA.

5.10.41: now based at Smolensk, having transferred there during September.

11.41 – 1.42: according to a member of the Staffel, Soviet Partisans were a major problem during the winter around Smolensk and guards had to be posted on each aircraft during the night.

15.1.42: Ju 88 A-4 crashed near Magdeburg due to engine failure, 100%. This may have been a replacement aircraft or one sent back to Germany for overhaul.

2.42: at the beginning of February the Staffel handed over all of its aircraft to 4.(F)/14 (at Smolensk-North and Vitebsk) and the crews returned to Weimar-Nohra by train. Over the next several months the Staffel was re-equipped there with new Ju 88s and the crews were sent through another reconnaissance course.

1.5.42: Staffel now fully equipped with 11 x Ju 88 A-5 and declared operational several weeks later.

France and West. (Jun 42 - Aug 44)

1.6.42: transferred on or about this date from Weimar-Nohra to Paris-Buc with 12 Ju 88s. a Ju 52, a Fw 189 and a Fi 156; on arrival, the Staffel was assigned to fly daily maritime reconnaissance over the English Channel.

6.6.42: Ju 88 A-5 crash landed at Paris-Buc, 50%.

6.42 – 7.42: the Staffel’s A-5 models were gradually replaced with the D-1 reconnaissance models.

25.8.42: Ju 88 D-1 crash landed at Paris-Buc, 20%.

7.9.42: Ju 88 D-1 shot up and belly landed at Villacoublay-South. 85%.

10/42: based at Villacoublay.

12.11.42: Ju 88 D-1 crash landed at Dijon, 65%, Oblt. Fritz Richter + 2 injured and 1 killed.

15.11.42: transferred to Avignon-West in South France and assigned to 2. F1iegerdivision. This transfer made in response to the Allied Operation “Torch” landings in Morocco and Algeria on 8 November.

4.1.43: Ju 88 D-1 crash landed at Montpe11ier/S France, 15%.

9.1.43: now based at Montpellier.

1.3.43: Staffel reported 10 x Ju 88 D-1 on strength.

12.5.43: Ju 88 D-1 ditched at sea in Planquadrat 5472/04 East due to engine fire, 100%, crew rescued.

9.6.43: Ju 88 D-l crash landed at Istres, 15%.

7.43: at Montpellier - Staffel flew 1 to 3 daily recce sorties between South France, Balearic Islands and western Sardinia.

4.7.43: Ju 88 D-l force landed at Ibiza in the Balearic Is. due to engine failure, 100%. This aircraft appears to have been returned to German control or given to Spain about two weeks later.

19.7.43: Ju 88 D-l damaged landing at Istres, 40%.

26.7.43: Ju 88 D-l force landed in the Rhone Delta, 45%.

29.7.43: Ju 88 D-l damaged landing at Istres, 30%.

6.8.43: Ju 88 D-l damaged landing at Istres, 15%.

22.8.43: 2 Ju 88D-ls damaged by bombs during Allied air attack on Istres, both 50%.

6.9.43: Ju 88 D-l ditched in the Mediterranean due to technical problems, 100%.

9.9.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+FH) FTR - no details, 100%, Oblt. Fritz Richter (observer) + 3 MIA.

13.9.43: Ju 88 D-l (T4+CH) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

1.10.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+KH) FTR from over the Mediterranean, 100%, 4 MIA. The crew of 4 were all from 1. (F)/12l.

11.10.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+EH) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA. The crew of 4 were all from 3. (F)/123.

24.10.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+OH) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

30.10.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+NH) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA. The crew of 4 were all from 3.(F)/122.

2.12.43: Ju 88 A-14 (8H+KH) FTR - no details, 100%, Oblt. Walter Müller (observer) + 2 KIA and 1 MIA.

8.12.43: Ju 88 D-l (8H+AH) FTR - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

12.43: Staffel reportedly back at Montpellier, and is believed to have returned there at the end of August after heavy Allied raids on Istres.

2.44: now at St.-Martin (a.k.a. Les Chanoines)/S France under 2. Fliegerdivision.

3.44 – 6.44: not noted - may have been withdrawn from operations for rest and refit.

3.7.44: operating from St.-Martin, Ju 88 T-l (8H+ZH) flew a high-altitude recce of Oran harbour on the Algerian coast; developed engine trouble over the target. lost altitude, and then made a forced landing after encountering two Spitfires. In addition to Ju 88 T-ls, the Staffel also had some Me 410s at this time.

11.7.44: after shadowing an east-bound Allied convoy for several days as it steamed across the western Mediterranean, the Staffel laid a path of “Lux” radio navigation buoys during the night of 11/12 July to guide a torpedo attack on the convoy by 24 x Ju 88 A-4s from I. and III./KG 77.

21.8.44: 7 days after the Allied invasion of South France, aircraft and crews ordered to transfer from St.-Martin to Bergamo-South in North Italy and the rest of the Staffel to Landsberg/Lech in South Germany.

Germany. (Sep 44 - May 45)

1.9.44: Staffel reported 4 x Ju 88 S-3, 3 x Ju 188 D-2, 3 x Ju 188 F-1 and 1 x Me 410 A-1 on strength. These were all turned in during September and the beginning of October.

10.44 – 2.45: undergoing conversion to the Arado Ar 234 jet at Berg near Magdeburg.

17.2.45: Ar 234 B-2 damaged landing at Berg during a training flight, 50%, Oblt. Hans Schmidt killed.

2.45: declared operational at the end of February and cleared for Ar 234 reconnaissance operations over the British Isles from Denmark and Stavanger-Sola in Norway.

1.3.45: transferred from Berg to Wittmundhafen/N Germany and Grove/Denmark to commence Ar 234 operations over the U.K.

5.3.45: at Wittmundhafen - assigned to Kommandierender General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Dänemark effective this date and responsible for reconnaissance of southeast England as far as London, with special emphasis on harbors and convoy arrivals and departures.

2.4.45: Wittmundhafen.

6.4.45: ordered to transfer to Kaltenkirchen/28 km N of Hamburg for assignment to FAGr. l.

9.4.45: transferred to Schleswig-Land.

10.4.45: had the honor of flying the Luftwaffe's last mission over England - a Ar 234 photo recce sortie over the Orkneys and North Scotland from Stavanger-Sola.

13.4.45: Schleswig-Land - Staffel reported that it had ceased all recce operations over the North Sea owing to the fuel situation.

17.4.45: still at Schleswig-Land.

5.5.45: transferred to Grove/Denmark.

8.5.45: German forces surrendered. Two Ar 234s belonging to 1.(F)/33 were captured at Grove this date, suggesting that this may have been all it had remaining that were serviceable.

FpN:1.(F)/33 (L 40221).

Staffelkapitän: Hptm. Robert Maisterl (c.1 Apr 41 - c.18.02.42)

Hptm. Heinz(?) Metzel (  ? - c.Dec 43) 10/43

Hptm. Rudolf Gruhle (c.Dec 43 - Sep 44)

Hptm. Hermann Holert (c.Sep 44 - 26 Feb 45)

Hptm. Heinz Hattan (26 Feb 45 - 8 May 45)

Also see:

AMMANN, Wilfried, Oblt.

BADING, Günther, Lt.d.R. (?)

BAUMANN, Franz, Lt.

BERNEBURG, Rainer, Lt.

BLANK, Hermann, Oblt.

BÖCK, Josef, Oblt.

DREES, Helmut, Oblt.d.R.

EBELING, Karl-Heinz, Oblt.

EBERT, Hans, Oblt. (?)

EILERS, Peter, Lt.

ERNST, Günter, Lt.

GOBBERS, Walter, Oblt.

KLEIN, Herwart, Lt. (Tr.O.)

KLEMUSCH, Wolfgang, Lt./Oblt.

KOLBECK, Franz, Lt.

LEHR, Reinhard, Oblt.

LUCK, Fritz, Lt.

MARGRAF, Klemens, Lt.

MÜLLER, Walter, Oblt.

NEUPERT, Walter, Lt.

PATZWALDT, Werner, Oblt.

RADING, Günther, Lt.

RÄTZ, Werner, Lt.

RICHTER, Fritz, Oblt.

ROSELIEB, Günter, Lt.

SCHMIDT, Hans, Oblt.

SCHMIDT, Hans, Oblt./Hptm.

ULTSCH, Heinz, Lt.


© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress). (1st Draft 2021)

Additional Notes and Losses

20.8.42: 2 Me 109s were sent out on a photo reconnaissance sortie to Portsmouth, they departed at 09.00 hrs. The mission was carried out. Photographs were taken of part of the Isle of Wight, Cowes, Portsmouth, Southampton and Poole. 6 Spitfires were encountered over the Isle of Wight.[2]

21.8.42: A Ju 88 departed at 21.00 hrs on a sea reconnaissance of the western half of the English Channel. No shipping was sighted. On a number of occasions, after 23.00 hrs, night-fighters were sighted and one actually engaged the Ju 88 but no hits were made.[3]

1 Ju 88 sent out at 21.10 hrs on a sea reconnaissanceof the eastern section of the English Channel. At 22.24 hrs two freighters were sighted on course for Portsmouth, another one heading to the same destination was sighted at 22.31 hrs. At 22.37 hrs an aircraft was sighted.[4]

10.7.44: still under 2. Fliegerdivision.[5]


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