1.(F)/FAGr. 1

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1.(F)/Fernaufkl.Gr. 1

Code: (9V + )

Formed February 1945, probably at Burg near Magdeburg, but in the ensuing confusion resulting from the planned renaming of FAGr. 5 as FAGr. 1 that was then cancelled, it is exceedingly likely that this tiny Einsatzkommando equipped with two or three Arado Ar 234s retained its original designation as Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 5 (see there) until 1 May 1945, when Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 5 was renamed Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 1, this occurring at Stavanger-Sola in Norway. On 8 May 1945 Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 1 was reported at Stavanger-Sola with two Ar 234s, 7 officers and 35 men, and surrendered to the British there on 10 May.[1]

FpN:Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 1 (L 55985 B(?)).


Maj. Josef Augustin (?) (May 45 - May 45)

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MIERSCH, Helmut, Hptm.

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  1. BA-MA Freiburg: Signatur RL 9/35.

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