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1.(F)/Fernaufkl.Gr. 5

Formation and Organization. (Jul 43 - Nov 43)

Formed June-July 1943 at Achmer from personnel of the former 3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.10 and some experienced crews from KG 40. Equipped with Junkers Ju 290s.[1]

West France. (Dec 43 - Aug 44)

12/43: conversion and training completed, transferred from Achmer to Mont de Marsan in SW France toward the end of December and commenced operations on 26 December, although the first long-range reconnaissance mission may not have occured until 1 January 1944.[2]

4.1.44: (Lfl.3) - Ju 290 (9V+CH) lost or damaged in Allied bombing of Fp.Cognac.

16.2.44: (Lfl.3) - Ju 290A-5 (9V+FH) shot down by RAF fighters while shadowing a convoy over the Atlantic off Ireland, 100%, crew MIA.[3]

10.4.44: (Lfl.3) - Ju 290A-4 (9V+DH) destroyed on the ground at Fp.Bourges during an Allied strafing attack, 100%.

26.5.44: Staffel claimed a RAF Sea Hurricane shot down over the Atlantic at 1713 hours, this probably being from an escort carrier accompanying a U.K.-Gibraltar convoy.[4]; but lost Ju 290 (9V+GK) from 2. Staffel and 5 crew in the same engagement; 5 others rescued.

26.6.44: still at Mont de Marsan.[5]

16-21.8.44: transferred from W France to Mühldorf am Inn/80 km E of Munich; some personnel may have also gone to Stavanger/Norway.[6]

Germany and Norway. (Sep 44 - May 45)

9/44 - 12/44: Staffel inactive - at least four Ju 290s (9V+DH, FH, GH and KH) were reported on strength, and these were variously dispersed and parked at Brandis, Dessau, Munich-Riem, Berlin-Tempelhof or Vienna-Aspern at various times. Most of the crews were sent to work in aircraft factories, and some were pressed into service as test pilots.[7]

4.1.45: Staffel reactivated to provide maritime reconnaissance support for the Kriegsmarine, particularly for planned operations by the new Type XXI U-boats and attacks on the British Home Fleet at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys.

1/45: a small number of pilots, temporarily under an Oblt. Krüger, received Ar 234 conversion training at Burg near Magdeburg and then moved to Stavanger-Sola on 14 February as Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr 5 with 3 Arado Ar 234s.[8]

23.2.45: EKdo. 1.(F)/FAGr 5 at Stavanger-Sola with Ar 234s.[9]

26.2.45: EKdo. 1.(F)/FAGr 5 at Stavanger expecting the arrival of 3 or 4 aircraft from Pocking/Austria that belonged to KG 200.[10]

3/45: while the rest of the Staffel was based at Neubiberg near Munich with Stab/FAG 5, the Einsatzkdo. in Norway began flying a small number of reconnaissance missions to Scotland and the Orkneys, including two sorties over the Firth of Forth area on 23 March.[11]

23.3.45: (K.G.Nor) - Ar 234 crashed at Stavanger-Sola due to engine trouble, 80%, pilot injured.

25.4.45: 1.(F)/FAGr 5 ordered disbanded by OKL.[12]

1.5.45: EKdo. 1.(F)/FAGr 5 at Stavanger-Sola under Fliegerführer 4 renamed Einsatzkdo. 1.(F)/FAGr. 1 on or about this date.[13]

FpN: (L 55985 B)


Maj. Josef Augustin (DKG) (Jun 43 - May 45)

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