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1.(H)/Aufk1.Gr. 13 (2d Formation)

Code: (4E + )

also as: 1.(H)/13 (Pz)

Formation and Training. (Nov 38 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Göppingen (ex-1.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 15) with Heinkel He 46s, but converted to the Henschel Hs 126 during the first half of 1939.[1]

West - Phony War. (Sep 39 - May 40)

8.39: at Göppingen until receipt of general mobilization orders 25-26 August and then deployed to a field airstrip at Worms, on the west bank of the Rhine north of Mannheim-Ludwigshafen, with 11 Hs 126s in support of IX. Armeekorps which at that time was holding defensive positions in the Saarpfalz under 1. Armee.

30.10.39: Hs 126B shot down by French fighters while flying a recce mission over Rehlingen/Alsace, 100%.

2.40: the Staffe1 received a couple of Bf 109s and several Do 17Ps during early 1939, the former probably as escort fighters and the latter for longer range reconnaissance assignments.

23.4.40: Do 17P intercepted and shot up by French fighters 10 km SE of Metz, 25%, 1 WIA.

Campaign West - Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - 1941)

10.5.40: under Ko1uft AOK 1 for the attack on France this date with a mixed complement of Hs 126s, Bf 109s and Do 17Ps; variously assigned to support first XXX. Armeekorps and then XXXVII. Armeekorps during May and June, the Staffe1 remained in the Saarpfalz area with the two Corps.

10.6.40: Do 17P failed to return from a recce mission over France, 100%.

7.40: based at St.-Omer in northeast France - the few Bf 109s and Do 17Ps were turned in after the conclusion of the campaign in the West.

14.11.40: Hs 126 slightly damaged during a storm at Fp. St.-Omer, 5%. This may be where the Staffel was stationed during the winter 1940/41.

20.4.41: Staffe1 departed France for the East this date. Several sources state that the Staffel had remained at St.-Omer until this date.

Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Jul 41)

22.6.41: on a fieldstrip in the Bialystok area/NE Poland under Ko1uft Panzergruppe 3/Army Group Center for the attack on the Soviet Union this date, and assigned to support 20. Panzer-Division/XXXIX. Armeekorps (mot) along a line of march toward Minsk (end of June and early July) and then Smolensk (end of July and first half of August).

16.7.41: observer crew member WIA by attacking Russian fighter while on recce mission over the Smolensk area.

North Russia. (Aug 41 - Nov 42)

8.41: transferred with XXXIX. Armeekorps (mot) to the Leningrad front after the conclusion of the encirclement and capture of Smolensk and immediate area during the second half of August, coming under Koluft AOK 16 on arrival there. The Corps was initially engaged in the fighting around Lake Ladoga in September, and then in the Tikhvin area from October on.

11.9.41: two of the Staffel’s ground servicing personnel WIA near Lyuban/66 km S of Schlisselburg. It is believed the Staffel moved to the airfield at Lyuban at about this time.

15.9.41: Hs 126 B-1 shot up by a fighter near Leningrad. 20%, 1 WIA.

27.9.41: Hs 126 B-1 shot down by a fighter near Shum, 100%, Staka Oblt. von Bülow MIA and the other crew member WIA.

7.11.41: Hs 126 B-1 crash landed at Fp. Lyuban. 60%.

14.11.41: Hs 126 B-1 crashed taking off from Fp. Lyuban. 85%.

12.41: Staffel possibly on stand-down for rest and refit.

1.42: under Koluft AOK 16.

13.1.42: Hs 126 B-1 crashed near Lyuban. 100%. 2 injured.

26.1.42: transferred from Lyuban to Fp. Soltsy/36 km N of Dno and due west of Lake Ilmen.

19.2.42: routine accidents at Fp. Soltsy.

1.3.42: Staffel reported 1 x Hs 126 A-1 and 6 x Hs 126 B-1 on strength.

23.3.42: Staffel flying Hs 126 recce in the Staraya Russa area under Koluft AOK 16.

21.4.42: Hs 126 B-1 damaged undercarriage at Fp. Ryelbitsy/14 km WSW of Soltsy. 30%.

5.42: gradually came under Nahaufklärungsgruppe 11 (Stab at Fp. Soltsy), which was ordered formed on or about 19 April 1942.

20.6.42: Staffel reported 8(7) Hs 126s on strength.

9.7.42: Hs 126 B-1 crash landed at Fp. Danzig. 80%. This was probably a replacement aircraft not yet delivered to the Staffel, or a Staffel aircraft that had been sent to the rear for major repairs.

22.7.42: Fi 156 force landed near Staraya Russa. 35%.

9.9.42: Staffel based at Soltsy under NAGr. 11.

18.9.42: Hs 126 and Fi 156 crashes at Morino/25 km NE of Dno.

1.10.42: Staffel reported 8 x Hs 126 B-1 on strength.

30.10.42: Hs 126 B-1 damaged in bombing at Fp.Soltsy. 30%.

31.10.42: Staffel ground mechanic KIA in bombing at Fp.Soltsy.

5.11.42: still at Fp.Soltsy.

11.42: Staffel withdrawn from operations to rest and refit, and at same time renamed 11./Nahaufklärungsstaffel 13 with station to continue at Soltsy.

FpN:1.(H)/13 (L 20070).


Hptm. Friedrich-Karl Göring (  ? -  ? ) 9/39

Hptm. Hans-Gerd von Scholz (4 Jun 40 - 14 Oct 40)

Hptm. Helmut von Dressler (  ? -  ? )

Oblt. Bernhardt von Bülow (  ? - 27 Sep 41) MIA

Hptm. Günther Nell (Oct 41 - Aug 42)

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