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1.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 32

Code: (V7 + )

also as: Nahaufklärungsstaffel 1./32 (from February 1944) Teileinheit Aufkl.St. 1.(H)/32

Formation and Training. (Apr 40 - May 40)

Formed about April-May 1940 (new) with Henschel Hs 126s. Place of formation is not known, but most likely occurred in the Luftflotte 3 area in southern Germany.[1]

Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - Mar 41)

10.5.40: not yet operational for the beginning of the campaign in the West this date, the Staffel was subsequently assigned to Koluft AOK 7 deployed in defensive positions along the Rhine from the Karlsruhe area south to the Swiss border.

14.6.40: at Donaueschingen-North/60 km ESE of Freiburg under Koluft AOK 7 for the attack across the Rhine into Alsace that concluded with the signing of the armistice on 22 June.

30.8.40: Belgium-North France area under Koluft AOK 16 and assigned to V. Armeekorps.

9.9.40: Hs 126A (V7+LA) damaged taxiing at Frankfurt-Rebstock, 10%.

7.12.40: assigned to VIII. Fliegerkorps for Operation “Felix”, the planned attack on Gibraltar that was later cancelled. Most Luftwaffe units assigned to this operation were moved to southwest France at about this time.

Norway and Finland. (Apr 41 - May 45)

4.41: transferred to Norway around April-May 1941.

15.6.41: transferred from Oslo to Rovaniemi/N Finland.

22.6.41: at Kemijärvi/N Finland and assigned to support Befehlsstelle Finnland/AOK Norwegen (later AOK Lappland, and still later (Gebirgs-) AOK 20) for the attack on the Soviet Union with 7 x Hs 126s.

7.41: for the duration of the war in North Finland to September 1944, the Staffel was generally divided into 4 Ketten of three or four aircraft and based at Alakurtti, Kemijärvi, Petsamo, Kemi and Pontsalenjoki.

9.2.42: Hs 126 B-l (V7+IK) failed to return from a reconnaissance mission to the Murmansk area, 100%, 2 MIA.

15.3.42: transferred from Kemijärvi to Kemi approximately this date. This transfer probably only affected elements of the Staffel.

6.42: began to gradually replace its Hs 126s with Focke Wulf Fw 189s in June.

7.42: the main element of the Staffel transferred from Kemi to Alakurtti toward the end of June or beginning of July.

10.42: at Alakurtti, Kemijärvi and Petsamo with 10 Fw 189s and Hs 126s.

27.11.42: Fw 189 A-2 “Trop” crashed near Alakurtti due to engine trouble, 80%.

2.12.42: Fw 189 A-3 (V7+IC) failed to return (FTR) from a recce mission, 100%, Oblt. Hermann Petersen (pilot) + 2 MIA.

26.12.42: 2 Fw 189 A-2s and 1 Fi 156 destroyed by bombs during enemy air raid.

10.1.43: at Alakurtti, Kemijärvi and Petsamo.

4.5.43: Fw 189 (V7+1H) failed to return from operations. Aircraft was on a photo recce to one of the Russian airfield around Louchi when it was shot down by an enemy fighter. Staffel mainly engaged in photo recce work and armed recce missions at night during which Soviet trains were attacked with small bombs as they slowed down to approach a station.

1.9.43: at Alakurtti and Petsamo with 12 Fw 189As.

1.11.43: Alakurtti and Petsamo.

1.44: Alakurtti, Kemijärvi and Petsamo.

1.3.44: Alakurtti. Petsamo and Pontsalenjoki with Fw 189s.

3.44: began receiving its first allocation of a few Messerschmitt Bf 109Gs.

4.4.44: one crew member reported WIA during Russian air attack on Alakurtti.

15.4.44: Fw 189 (V7+IC) crashed on landing after being shot up by a Russian fighter near Alakurtti, 100%, 3 KIA.

30.6.44: at Alakurtti, Petsamo and Pontsalenjoki with 12 Fw 189As and 4 Bf 109Gs.

1.9.44: at Alakurtti and Petsamo with 8 Bf 109Gs and 6 Fw 189As.

10.44: German forces evacuated Finland following the 4 September armistice between Finland and Russia.

12.11.44: Staffel now at Bardufoss and Banak in North Norway with 10 Bf 109Gs, 10 Fw 189As and 3 Fiesler Fi 156s in support of 20th Mountain Army.

25.12.44: Bardufoss under FliegerfUhrer 3.

25.1.45: Bardufoss under 5. Fliegerdivision with 9(6) Bf 109Gs and Fw 189As.

23.2.45: Bardufoss.

26.3.45: Bardufoss.

28.4.45: North Norway under 5. Fliegerdivision.

8.5.45: surrendered at Bodø/N Norway with 7 Bf 109Gs, 4 Fw 189As and a remaining personnel strength of 5 officers and 56 men.

FpN:1.(H)/32 (L 32605).

Teileinheit (L 42721).


Hptm./Maj. Erhard Glitz (9 Jun 40 - 14 Feb 41)

Hptm. Walter Liebing (  ? -  ? ) 6/41, 8/41

Hptm. Günther Hoppe (  ? - 8 May 45)

Also see:

BALLY, Karl Ludwig Anton Maria von, Hptm.

BECKER, Paul-Heinz, Lt.

BRAND, Heinz, Lt.

DIETRICH, Friedrich, Lt.?

DREXEL, Friedrich, Lt.

GEBHARDT, Friedrich Wilhelm, Oblt.

GESTLE, Friedrich (Fritz), Lt./Oblt.

HAUSCHILD, Rudolf, Oblt.

HIRN, Johannes (Johann), Oblt.

KAREZ, Edmund, Oblt.

KNABE, Konrad, Oblt.

KRAUSS, Rudolf, Lt.

MARTENS, Günther, Lt./Oblt.

METT, Helmut (Helmuth), Oblt.

NETH, Dipl.Ing. Hermann, Hptm.d.R.

PETERSEN, Hermann, Oblt.

SCHUBERT, Herbert Max, Lt.


TANTZ, Werner, Oblt.

WERNER, Wolfgang, Oblt.d.R.

WESTDICKENBERG, Hermann, Lt./Oblt.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress). (1st Draft 2021)


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