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1./MSGr. 1

also as: 1. Minensuchstaffel (after 29 Feb 44)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed 1 December 1942 at Gilze-Rijen/Holland using assets from the disbanded Sonderkommando “Mausi”. The Staffel transferred to France, probably in spring 1943.[1]

Holland, France, North Germany and Denmark. (Dec 42 - May 45)

Apr 43: from April 1943 on, the Staffel had an average of 12 to 18 Ju 52s on strength.[2]

3 Jul 43: Ju 52 destroyed in a mine explosion near St-Nazaire, 100%, 2 KIA and 2 WIA.[3]

4 Jul 43: a man from the Staffel KIA during an Allied air attack on Fp. Nantes.

23 Sep 43: based at Vannes/Brittany.[4]

1 Dec 43: Ju 52 shot down into the sea by a fighter off the French coast, 100%, 1 KIA, 1 WIA and rest of crew rescued.

12 Jun 44: transferred to Cognac/SW France this date.[5]

Jun 44: Staffel sent 6 of its Ju 52s from Cognac to Budapest-Budaörs in Hungary to assist in the removal of mines from the Danube that had been laid in the river during the spring by RAF aircraft operating from Italy. The detachment was relieved by 5./MSGr. 1 in July and returned to France.[6]

2 Jul 44: reported 14 a/c on strength of which 6 at Biarritz and 4 at Laleu. The remaining 4 not accounted for.[7]

10 Jul 44: based at La Leu, Cognac and Biarritz under X. Fliegerkorps.[8]

Aug 44: departed France and is believed to have initially gone to Westerland/Sylt before moving to Dievenow a month or two later.

8 Dec 44: at Dievenow/58 km WSW of Kolberg in Pomerania.[9]

5 Feb 45: Dievenow under Luftflotte 6.[10]

4 Mar 45: all or elements transferred to Peenemünde.

Apr 45: Staffel moved to Bøtø on Lolland, Denmark’s southernmost island.

28 Apr 45: in Denmark.[11]

8 May 45: disbanded in Denmark.

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