1./NAGr. 6

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1./NAGr. 6

(Unit Code F7+)

Formation. (September 1944))

Formed September 1944 at Herzogenaurach/Bavaria from elements of Nahaufkl.St. 3./21 and/or Nahaufkl.St. 12./12. Eventually equipped with Messerschmitt Me 262 jets outfitted for reconnaissance work.[1]

Germany. (September 1944 - May 1945)

September – December 1944: Herzogenaurach, but status unclear; most likely in delayed formation awaiting the assignment of pilots and enough of the new jet aircraft could be allocated to equip the Staffel.

10 January 1945: at Herzogenaurach – Staffel still had no aircraft or trained air crew personnel assigned to it as of this date, according to a status report.

14 January 1945: ordered to transfer from Herzogenaurach to Lechfeld to begin conversion to the Me 262.

1 February 1945: Bf 110 G-4 shot down over Roigheim (not located), 100%, crew safe.

This is the first loss reported by the Staffel and shows it to be in training status under the training command (Luftflotte 10).

15 February 1945: ordered to transfer from Lechfeld to Essen-Mühlheim on completion of conversion training.

20 February 1945: Me 262 A-4 belly landed at Lechfeld during a training flight.

26 February 1945: Staffel reported to be en-route to Essen-Mühlheim.

4 March 1945: orders changed, and Staffel redirected to Münster-Handorf where it remained through most of March.

27 March 1945: transferred to Ahlhorn on or about this date.

17 April 1945: now listed as being at Hohn/Schleswig-Holstein.

28 April 1945: still being carried as operational under Stab/NAGr. 6 in German documents of this date. Believed to have surrendered there on 8 May, or possibly moved to Husum to join Stab/NAGr. 6.

FpN:none assigned.


Oblt. Keck ( ? - ? )

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress).

(1st Draft 2022)


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