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1. (F)/Seeaufkl.Gr. 128

Also as: Jagdkommando Brest (in Sep 43) and then Jagdkommando 1./128 (in Oct 43)

Code: (6W + )

Formation (June 1943)

Ordered formed on 29 May 1943 at Brest-South (a.k.a. Brest-Poulmic) (ex-5./Bordfliegergruppe 196). Some sources have mistakenly treated this Staffel as a standard maritime or coastal seaplane reconnaissance unit and have stated that it was equipped with Arado Ar 196 floatplanes, 16 to be exact. However, this was not the case. Instead, it took over the mission of its predecessor, which had begun re-equipping with Focke-Wulf FW 190A-5s equipped with drop tanks at the beginning of May 1943 to fly intercept and fighter cover over the northern approaches to the Bay of Biscay against RAF Coastal Command intruders. So, although labelled a maritime reconnaissance Staffel, it was a fighter interceptor unit throughout its existence. [1]

France (June 1943 – Feb 1944)

6/43: in addition to missions over the Bay of Biscay, the Staffel also scrambled to defend the U-boat pens and other naval installations at Brest and Lorient.[2]

7.7.43: (Lfl.3) – claimed 2 RAF Beauforts over the Bay of Biscay.[3]

13.7.43: (Lfl.3) - claimed 5 RAF Halifax bombers, the Staffel’s largest number of claims during its existence.[4]

14.7.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 destroyed during raid by Allied bombers on Fp.Paris-Le Bourget, 90%.

29.7.43: (Lfl.3) – claimed an RAF B-24 Liberator.[5]

7.8.43: (Lfl.3) – claimed an RAF Beaufighter.[6]

11.8.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 crashed and burned at Fp.Brest-South, 100%, pilot killed.

15.8.43: (Lfl.3) - 2 FW 190A-5s shot down by RAF Spitfires in air battle N of Landerneau near Brest, both 100%, both pilots KIA.

19.8.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 crash landed at Fp.Brest-South, 40%.

22.8.43: (Lfl.3) – claimed an RAF Mosquito shot down c. 120 km W of Brest.[7]

25.8.43: (Lfl.3) – Staffel claimed 4 out of 6 RAF Beaufighters engaged over the Bay of Biscay c. 120 km W of Brest.[8]

13.9.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 crashed at Fp.Brest-South due to engine failure, 100%, pilot killed.

16.9.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 shot down by fighters - location not reported, 100%, Oblt. Heinz Wurm KIA. Another version of this incident states that Wurm was shot down by return fire from USAAF B-17 bombers near Brest.[9]

8.10.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 (40%), FW 190A-5 (30%) and Bücker Bü 133 (100%) destroyed or damaged during Allied bomber raid on Fp.Brest-South.

15.10.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190A-5 shot down in air battle near Talar-Groas/17 km S of Brest, 100%, pilot KIA.

26.11.43: it was proposed by Fliegerführer Atlantik this date that the Staffel be converted to the Junkers Ju 88.[10]

2:12.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190G-3 damaged landing at Fp.Brest-South, 40%.

12/43: at Brest-South.[11]

18.12.43: proposed conversion to the Ju 88 approved by Ob.d.L. in Berlin this date with instructions that the Staffel was to be incorporated into III./ZG 1.[12]

20.12.43: at Brest-South under Fliegerführer Atlantik with 8(6) FW 190s.[13]

30.12.43: (Lfl.3) - FW 190G-3 shot up and crash landed at Fp.Brest-South, 35%, Lt. Karl Albers KIA.

6.1.44: (Lfl.3) – claimed an RAF Sunderland flying boat shot down c. 190 km W of Brest, but lost Lt. Erich Stain (Stein?) and his FW 190 in the process.

2.2.44: officially renamed 8./ZG 1 this date.[14] Other sources use the 18 December 1943 date (see above). The change in designation was not entered into the Feldpost Directory until 7 March 1944.[15] However, it appears that the Staffel’s FW 190s together with their pilots and ground crews were separated from the others and integrated into 10./ZG 1.[16]

FpN: 1.(F)/SAGr.128 (L 38157).


Oblt. Heinz Wurm ( ? - 16 Sep 43)

Hptm. Hans-Joachim Ramm (17 Sep 43 - ? ) 31.12.43

Also see:

ALBERS, Karl, Lt.

ASTHEIMER, Dietrich, Oblt.

BAEHR, Friedrich-Wilhelm, Lt.(M)

BAUER, Herbert, Lt.

JARMER, Herbert, Lt.

STEIN (STAIN?), Erich, Lt.

WILKE, Fritz, Oblt.

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Seeaufklärungsgruppe 128

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