1. Jagddivision (1st)

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1. Jagddivision (1st Formation)

(FpN: L 32647)


Gen.Lt. Kurt-Bertram von Döring (1 May 42 - 15 Oct 43))

Formation and History. (May 42 - Sep 43)

Formed 1 May 1942 at Deelen/Holland by renaming elements of 1. Nachtjagddivision. Responsible for fighter defences over Holland, North Belgium and the Ruhr industrial area in Germany. Subordinate to XII. Fliegerkorps. Renamed 3. Jagddivision on 15 October 1943 at Deelen as a result of a reorganization and renumbering of the Jagddivisionen.[1]

Stabskette/1. Jagddivision

No information as to date and place of formation. Only two Loss Report entries found:

2 Aug 42: Fi 156 C-2 force landed near Venlo due to engine failure, 25%.[2]

11 May 43: Bf 109E belly landed at Fp. Deelen, 10%.

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A discussion on TOCH! website ( http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=22745 ) says the following for 29 June 1943:

Siebel Fh 104 with the Flugbereitschaft der 1. Jagddivision in Deelen and the other aircraft mentioned do fit to this unit:

9N+AA (Siebel Fh 104)9N+BA (Bf110)9N+BX (Bf110)9N+GA (Fi156)9N+XA (Me210 A-1)Therefore, it is safe to assume that 9N belongs to the Flugbereitschaft 1. Jagddivision in Deelen, please update your lists of unit codes![3]

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