1. Luftwaffenausbildungsdivision

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1. Luftwaffenausbildungsdivision

(FpN: none assigned)


Gen.Maj. Grossschmidt (Mar 45 - 11 Apr 45)[1]

Gen.Lt. Kurt Kleinrath (12 Apr 45 - 3 May 45)

Formation and History. (Mar 45 - May 45)

Formed March 1945 at Liebenwalde/20 km N of Berlin, Bernau and at Oranienburg airfield to the north of Berlin to control (eventually) Lw.Ausbildungs-Regimenter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. On formation had three regiments, each of three battalions, totaling around 8,000 men, of which 350 or so were combat-experienced paratroops who were divided among the companies to give the Division some backbone. Shortly after formation, it was thrown into the ground fighting in the Eberwalde-Wriezen area northeast of Berlin. On 21 April it took up positions along the Finow Canal on the right flank of Pz.AOK 3 and was decimated in heavy fighting over the next several days.[2]

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