10. Fliegerdivision (1st)

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10. Fliegerdivision (lst Formation)

(FpN: L 23107)


Gen.Lt. Hans Geisler (5 Sep 39 - 3 Oct 39)

Formation. (Sep 39)

Formed 3 September 1939 in Hamburg (ex-Stab/General z.b.V. der Luftflotte 2) to take command of units specialized in air attacks on sea targets. Another source gives 1 August 1939 as the date of formation, but this may have been the date the order was issued. Subordinated to Luftflotte 2.[1]

North Germany. (Sep 39 - Oct 39)

4 Oct 39: Stab in Hamburg - expanded and renamed Gen.Kdo. X. Fliegerkorps.[2]

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