17. KGr. z.b.V. 5

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17/Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 5

Code (S3 + )?

(Ls + )?

Also as:

1938 - Jan 1939 as: LS-Kdo. Fliegerdivision 7

Jan 1939 - Oct 1939 as: LS-Versuchszug

Nov 1939 - Jul 1940 as: 17./Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 5

(Sturmgruppe "Granit")

FpN: L 35 065 (*Nov 1939. Jul 1940 renamed Stab I/LLG 1).


Formed in 1938 as the Luftwaffe's first glider unit. Almost from inception, it was developed as a means of getting small assault units - usually paratroops - to strategic targets. Readied for use in the campaign against Poland in September 1939, it was not called upon. In November 1939, it was quickly enlarged from 15 aircraft and gliders to 34 Ju 52s and 43 DFS 230 gliders in preparation for the attack on Fort Eben Emael and the Albert Canal bridges in Belgium. The attack was carried out in the early morning hours of 10 May 1940 after the unit had moved forward to airfields at and around Köln. On 1 June 1940, the Staffel sent 21 Ju 52s with gliders in tow north to Trondheim/Norway for a planned supply operation at Narvik. The withdrawal of British forces from Narvik made the operation unnecessary, and the force returned to Hildesheim on 15 June. The Staffel was disbanded on 27 July 1940 and used to form Luftlandegeschwader 1. [1]

Commanding Officers

Hptm. Walter Kiess (11/39 - 7/40)


Prenzlau/SW Stettin (1938 – 1/39)

Burg bei Magdeburg (1/39 - 11/39)

Hildesheim/SE Hannover (11/39 - 7/40)

Equipment and Returns

(none found)

Representative Losses 17./KGr. Z.b.V. 5

(none found)



Distinctions and Remarks


© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress, 2023).

(1st Draft 2023)


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