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2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 11 (3d Formation)

(Unit Code: 6M + )

Formation. (Nov 38)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Grossenhain (ex-2.(F)/23) with Do 17F’s and He 70’s. The He 70’s were exchanged for Do 17P’s during 1939.[1]

Polish Campaign. (Sep 39)

8/39: at Grossenhain/32 km NNW of Dresden until general mobilization ordered 25-26 August, then deployed to a field airstrip at Bad Polzin (Polczyn Zdrój)/110 km NE of Stettin in Pomerania by 1 September for the attack on Poland with 12 Do 17P’s under Koluft/Heeresgruppe Nord.

9/39: around mid-September the Staffel apparently moved south and was reassigned to support Koluft/Heeresgruppe Süd over South Poland until the campaign concluded toward the end of the month.

West -Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - Jun 40)

10/39 - 5/40: the whereabouts of the Staffel during these seven months is not known, but it was probably based in western Germany and engaged in continuous training. In March 1940 one account places it on a field airstrip in the Trier area in the Eifel, but this has not been confirmed.

10.5.40: assigned to Koluft/Heeresgruppe A for the campaign in the West, following a line of advance through the Ardennes, Belgium and NE France with Do 17P’s.

10.6.40: (Ob.d.H.) -a Do 17P belonging to 2.(F)/11 crashed at Rambouillet/SW of Paris.

Air Offensive Against England (Battle of Britain). (Jul 40 - Dec 40)

7.7.40: (Ob.d.H.) -Do 17P crashed at Rouen due to technical problems, 100%, 3 killed.

10.7.40: (Ob.d.H.) -Do 17P shot up by RAF Hurricanes near the Isle of Wight and crash landed at Cherbourg, 30%.

11.7.40: (Ob.d.H.) -Do 17P shot down by Hurricanes south of the Isle of Wight, 100%, crew MIA. These losses from 7 to 11 July were in connection with flying reconnaissance over enemy convoys in the English Channel.

13.8.40: based at St-Mard-le-Plessis/35 km NE of Paris under Vlll.Fliegerkorps/Lfl.3 with 5 Do 17P’s and 4 Bf 110’s, and remained there until at least October. Gen.Kdo. VIII. Fliegerkorps was also located there.

7.12.40: under VIII. Fliegerkorps for Operation “Felix” (the planned attack on Gibraltar that was later cancelled) with Do 17P’s. This suggests the Staffel may have temporarily moved from the Paris area to SW France.

Balkan Campaign. (Jan 41 - Jun 41)

1/41: transferred to Giuleşti airfield in Romania to fly secret photo reconnaissance missions along Russia's southern borders under VIII. Fliegerkorps, and then take part in the attack on Yugoslavia and Greece.

19.2.41: Bü 131 belonging to the Staffel reported missing near Kecskemet/Hungary while flying over that country - cause unknown, 100%.

5.4.41: based at Sofia-Filipovci/Bulgaria under VIII. Fliegerkorps with 12 Do 17P’s.

17.4.41: Do 17P probably shot down by Greek fighters over N Greece.

5 May 41: aircraft and crews ordered to Berlin-Gatow to refit.

15.5.41: reported its personnel strength this date as 20 officers and 390 officials, NCOs and men.

20.5.41: invasion of Crete - flew recce over Heraklion airfield under VIII. Fliegerkorps.

Central and North Russia. (Jun 41 - Mar 42)

22.6.41: based near Suwalki/NE Poland under VIII. Fliegerkorps/Luftflotte 2 for the attack on the Soviet Union this date with 12 Do 17P’s on strength.

25.6.41: (Ob.d.H.) -Do 17P (6M+KK) FTR from Minsk-Vilnius area, 100%, crew MIA.

26.6.41: (Ob.d.H.) -Do 17P destroyed at Bialystok when its fuel tank blew up while being fueled, 100%.

26.7.41: now based at Vitebsk.

8.8.41: now at Ryelbitsi/N Russia between Pskov and Lake Ilmen after moving north with VIII. Fliegerkorps o/a 3 August for operations on the Leningrad front.

21.8.41: (Lfl.1) -Do 17P shot up and force landed at Fp.Soltsy, 10%, 1 WIA.

29.8.41: still at Ryelbitsi.

4.9.41: Ryelbitsi -reported 11 Do 19P’s on strength nd still under VIII. Fliegerkorps.

28.9.41: returned to the central sector of the front with VIII. Fliegerkorps to take part in Operation “Taifun” (Typhoon) - the drive on Moscow.

21.10.41: at Kulechevka/35 km N of Vyazma under VIII. Fliegerkorps, but also using Kalinin/160 km NW of Moscow for the forward staging of recce sorties.

31.12.41: (VIII. FI.K.) -Fw 189 struck the ground in bad weather near Vyazma, 60%, Staka Maj. Paulitsch killed + 3 injured. This may have been a borrowed plane.

13.1.42: (VIII. FI.K.) -1 man KIA and 1 WIA by machine gun fire near Vyazma-Dugino, halfway between Rzhev and Vyazma.

26.2.42: still at Dugino.

1 Mar 42: Staffel reported 7 x Do 17P, 7 x Do 17Z and 12 x Fw 189A on strength.

6.3.42: (VIII. FI.K.) -bombed on the ground at Vyazma during enemy air attack with following losses: 2 Do 17’s and 1 Fw 189 (all 100%), 4 Do 17’s and 4 Fw 189’s damaged (20% -70%).

3/42: a few days after the raid, the Staffel, aircrew personnel departed for Grossenhain to re-equip, returning to the central sector by 23 March but with station now at Vyazma-Dugino.

South Russia. (May 42 - Oct 42)

31.5.42: the Staffel’s Bildzug (photo processing section) en-route by road to the Kursk area, presumably with much of the rest of the Staffel.

13.6.42: (Lfl.4) -Staffel ground staff lost 3 KIA and 1 WIA during enemy bombing raid on Kursk.

28.6.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17Z shot up by AA-fire E of Kursk, 20%, Oblt. Erwin Paul and Oblt. Paul Döring both WIA.

6.7.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17Z (6M+HK) FTR from recce sortie between Voronezh and Usman, 100%, 2 MIA, 1 WIA and 1 returned safely.

19.7.42: the Staffel claimed a LaGG-3 shot down near Konstantinov.

23.7.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17Z rammed by a Bf 109 at Tatsinskaya-East airfield, 10%.

26.8.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17Z shot down by AA-fire in Pl.Qu. 4913, 100%, Staka Hptm. Bonsack (observer) KIA.

19.9.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17 returned to Tatsinskaya after being rammed by an enemy aircraft, 40%.

24.9.42: (Lfl.4) -Do 17Z (6M+AK) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

1.10.42: (Lfl.4) -Oblt. Richard Seidel (observer) WIA by ground fire at Alexandrovka.

Germany. (Oct 42 - Jan 43)

10/42 - 1/43: returned to Germany to rest, refit and convert to the Junkers Ju 88.

South Russia. (Jan 43 - Mar 44)

22.1.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 returned to Sarabus/Crimea after being shot up by a fighter, 15%.

17.2.43: ordered to transfer to Zaporozhye-East.

22.2.43: now ordered to move to Dnepropetrovsk-South II.

1 Mar 43: Staffel reported 5 x Ju 88D-1 and 3 x Ju 88A-4 on strength.

17.3.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88 (6M+CK) FTR from the Liman-Pechenegi-Tomarovka area, 100%, Oblt. Eugen Obermeier (observer) + 3 MIA.

25-28.3.43: transferred to Poltava.

4/43: transferred to Kharkov/North.

22.4.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 damaged on take-off at Kharkov-North, 50%.

22.5.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 returned to Kharkov-North shot up, 15%.

22.6.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 crashed at Kharkov-North, 100%, 4 killed.

30.6.43: now based at Kharkov-East.

2.7.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 shot down by a fighter in Pl.Qu. 6113-6123-6144, 100%, 4 KIA.

5.7.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88A-14 (G+LK) FTR over Pl.Qu. 71/817, 100%, 4 MIA.

7.7.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 returned to Kharkov-Voichenko shot up by AA-fire, 25%.

10.7.43: Staffel reported 8(6) Ju 88’s on strength.

27.8.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 (6M+LK) FTR over Pl.Qu. 6292, 100%, 4 MIA.

21.9.43: transferred to Berdichev/Ukraine.

4.10.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 shot up by a fighter over Kiev, 50%, 3 WIA.

5.10.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 damaged in landing accident at Kiev-South, 25%.

13.10.43: photographed the Kiev area.

23.10.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 shot down by AA-fire at Zhitomir, 100%, Oblt. Horst v. Carben WIA.

8.11.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 damaged in landing accident at Proskurov, 40%.

15.11.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 (6M+DK) FTR over Pl.Qu. 819101, 100%, 4 MIA.

11/43: based at Berdichev under VIII. Fliegerkorps.

6.12.43: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88D-1 (6M+HK) FTR from Korosten-Kiev area, 100%, 4 MIA.

2/44: based at Proskurov/240 km WSW of Kiev under VIII. Fliegerkorps.

Poland, Hungary and Austria. (Mar 44 - May 45)

1 Mar 44: Staffel reported 11 x Ju 88D-1 on strength.

9.3.44: transferred from Proskurov to Lvov/SE Poland and then moved from there to Jasionka/S Poland near Rzeszow on 23 March.

21 Mar 44: photographed the Balti area.

5 Jun 44: photographed the Chernovtsy area.

26.6.44: at Jasionka directly under Luftflotte 4 with Ju 88’s.

24-25.7.44: transferred to Jesau/East Prussia.

3.10.44: at Prowehren/8 km NW of Königsberg in East Prussia under FAGr. 1.

30.10.44: now at Szombathely/W Hungary -received an unspecified number of Ju 88T-1’s and T-3’s from Westa 27 this date.

29.11.44: Szombathely-Sarokuifalu under FAGr. 4 with 8(4) Ju 88’s.

21.2.45: (Lfl.4) -Ju 88T-3 crash landed at Fp. 'Novy Dvor (Malacky)/33 km NNW of Bratislava in Slovakia, 30%.

20.3.45: Staffel flew its 5,000th operational sortie since the beginning of the war this date.

26.3.45: still at Szombathely under FAGr.4.

9.4.45: transferred to Kirchham/Austria this date with all aircraft intact.

10.4.45: Staffel ordered disbanded this date by OKL.

3.5.45: at Kirchham/NE of Gmunden in the process of being disbanded under FAGr. 4.

FpN:(L 05503)


Hptm. Kurt Randel-Semper (13 Sep 40 - 8 Jun 41)

Maj. Richard Paulitsch (  ? - 31 Dec 41) †

Hptm. Martin Bonsack (  ? - 26 Aug 42) KIA

Hptm. Karl Gasten (c. 27 Aug 42 - Aug 43)

Hptm. Karl-Heinz Kirchbach (Aug 43 - May 44)

Hptm. Hubertus Pawlick (May 44 - 8 May 45)

© H.L. deZeng IV, 2021

Additional Notes & Losses

2.9.39 - 2.(F)/11 orders from Koluft/H.G. Kdo. Nord - reconnaissance from dawn as follows:

In the area of Bromberg Kolmar - Chzarnikau - Grätz - Konin - Bromberg. It is to be ascertained where and in which direction traffic is taking place on the roads and railway lines.

The main roads and railway lines leading from the Bromberg - Tuchel line to the southeast across the Vistula to about the Narew. Determination of any kind of traffic on the roads, railway lines and bridges over the Vistula, determination of where bridges over the Vistula are located and of what kind.

Reconnaissance must begin at dawn over the enemy's territory, and it is important to detect any enemy night marches.[2]

3.9.39 - 2.(F)/11 orders from Koluft/H.G. Kdo. Nord - reconnoitre as ordered for 2.9.59.

Start reconnaissance south of the Netze. Execution of the mission in the Vistula arc to take advantage of the most favourable weather conditions.

Vistula crossings between Bromberg and Warsaw are to be checked.[3]

Aircraft from 2.(F)/11 departed 07.10 hrs and landed at 09.05 hrs. Instructed to perform a visual reconnaissance of the following locations - Kolmar-Samotschin-Margonin-Exin-Schubin-Netzwalde-Bromberg-Labischin- Znin-Gollantsch-Janowitz-Wongrowitz-Ritschenwalde – reported no occupancy detected.[4]

5.9.39 - 2.(F)/11 orders from Koluft/H.G. Kdo. Nord - reconnaissance of (a) The main roads leading from the Kolo-Warsaw line into the Rupin-Pultusk line. (b) The main roads leading from the line Warachau-Siedlce-Bielsk into the

Narew bend between Pultusk-Ostroleka-Radzilo.[5]

7.8.40 – An aircraft of this unit reported that at 15.00 hrs no shipping was to be seen between Bournemouth and Portland.[6]

8.8.40 – 1 Bf 110 departed 06.00 hrs and landed at 08.00 hrs. At 07.20 hrs spotted a convoy of 14 ships 30 km SSW of Selsey Bill on a westerly course.[7]


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Aufklärungsgruppe 11