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2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 22 (2nd Formation)

Formation and Organization. (Nov 38 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Kassel-Rothwesten (ex-2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.24) with Dornier Do 17Fs, although the Staffel began replacing these with Do 17Ps in early 1939.[1]

West. (Sep 39 - Apr 40)

1.9.39: Bonn-Hangelar with 12 Do 17Ps under Koluft AOK 5 after deploying from Kassel-Rothwesten on or about 26 August following the order for general mobilization.[2] Flew reconnaissance missions over Belgium and NE France during September and October under Koluft AOK 5, and then from November under Koluft AOK 12.[3]

4.3.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P force landed and crashed near Schweinfurt after hitting a tree while the crew was attending a high altitude navigation course at Kassel-Rothwesten, 100%, 2 killed and 1 injured.

Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - Jun 40)

10.5.40: under Koluft AOK 12 with Do 17Ps for offensive operations beginning this date, flying recce missions over France. The Staffel's location during the campaign is not known.[4]

24.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P failed to return from a mission over the Rocroi area/22 km NW of Charleville close to the French-Belgian border.

Norway. (Jul 40 - May 41)

17.7.40: following the armistice between Germany and France on 22 June and a few weeks of rest and refit, transferred to Trondheim-Vaernes and assigned to X.Fliegerkorps for maritime reconnaissance and recce along the Finish-Russian border area. In addition to its Do 17Ps, the Staffel may have received a few Bf 110s around this time.[5]

8/40: moved to Stavanger-Sola around mid-August.[6]

13.8.40: under Stab/Aufkl.Gr.22 with 5 Do 17Ps and 1 Do 17M.[7]

14.9.40: (Lfl.5) - Do 17P (4N+CK) crashed at Stavanger-Sola, 70%.

8.10.40: (Lfl.5) - Do 17 (4N+GK) failed to return from operations and believed shot down by a Spitfire near Folkestone/SE England, 100%, Hptm. Konrad Barth + 2 MIA.

24.10.40: (Lfl.5) - He 111H-2 damaged in a taxiing accident at Lübeck-Blankensee, 35%.

1/41: began conversion to the Ju 88.[8]

15.2.41: at Stavenger-Sola.[9]

20.2.41: (Lfl.5) - Ju 88 damaged landing at Stavanger-Sola, 50%.

3/41: transferred from Stavanger-Sola to Germany.[10]

10.4.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crash landed at Kassel-Rothwesten, 20%.

South Russia, Refit in Germany and Romania. (Jun 41 - Sep 44)

14.6.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crash landed near Bucharest, 35%.

22.6.41: at Bacău/Romania under Koluft AOK 11 with Ju 88s and assigned to support 11th Army for the attack on the Soviet Union commencing this date.[11]

10.7.41: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88A-5 crashed on take-off from Bacau, 55%.

18.7.41: now at Balti (Beltsy)-East in Moldavia under Koluft AOK 11.[12]

25.9.41: transferred from Uman to Aleksandriya near Kirovograd.[13]

9.10.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-5 (4N+IK), operating from Akhtyrka/NW of Kharkov, FTR from recce sortie to Kursk, 100%, ObIt. Siegfried Wirtz (observer) + 3 MIA.

4.11.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88D-2 shot up and crash landed near Taganrog, 50%, 1 WIA.

1.1.42: based at Poltava/E Ukraine.[14]

6.1.42: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88D-1 belly landed near Poltava due to engine trouble, 65%, Staka Hptm. Pletke + 3 injured.

1.2.42: Poltava under Gruppenfliegerstab 12.[15]

18.2.42: Poltava.[16]

1.3.42: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88A-4 returned to Poltava damaged after being shot up by a fighter, 10%, 1 WIA. The Staffel only had 3 Ju 88A-5 and 2 Ju 88D-1 on strength this date.[17]

4/42: Poltava under FAGr.4 from on or about 19 April.

6.5.42: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 damaged on take-off from Poltava, 25%.

30.7.42: ordered to transfer from Poltava to Kharkov this date - still under FAGr.4.[18]

31.7.42: Staffel claimed a LaGG-3 over Povorino at 1615 hours.[19]

17.9.42: (Don) - Ju 88D-1 damaged landing at Kharkov-Voichenko, 20%.

4.11.42: (Don) - Ju 88D-1 belly landed at Kharkov-Voichenko due to engine trouble, 20%.

1.12.42: reported 7 Ju 88D-1 and 3 D-5 on strength.

21.12.42: (Don) - Ju 88D-5 crashed and burned north of Chuguev/SE of Kharkov, 100%, 4 killed.

11.1.43: (Don) - Ju 88D-1 shot up by AA-fire and force landed east of Stary Oskol, 30%.

28.2.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88 shot down by a fighter over Krasnodar/N Caucasia, 100%, 1 KIA and 2 WIA.

2.3.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88 shot down by AA-fire over Kharkov, 100%, crew safe.

28.3.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88 (4N+ZK) FTR from a recce sortie over the quadrant Kupyansk-Svoboda-Rossosh-Izyum, 100%, 4 MIA.

8.5.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+UK) FTR from sortie along flight path Kupyansk- Rossosh-Voronezh, 100%, Oblt. August Heinrich (pilot) + 3 MIA.

30.5.43: (Lfl.4) - 2 members of the ground staff WIA in enemy air attack on Stalino.

3.6.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D (4N+DK) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

15.6.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+IK) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

16.6.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 shot up and crash landed at Voroshilovsk/Donets, 50%.

27.6.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+NK) FTR from a recce mission to the Saratov area, 100%, 4 MIA.

10.7.43: Staffel reported 14(8) Ju 88s on strength, mostly D-1s.[20]

11.7.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 FTR -no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

11.7.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-2 (4N+CK) FTR - no details, 100%, Staka Hptm. Köck + 3 MIA.

14.7.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 damaged in take-off accident at Stalino, 20%.

16.7.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 crashed at Stalino, 100%, Hptm. August Jacok + 3 killed.

18.8.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+PK) FTR in the Chuguyev area/SE of Kharkov, 100%, Staka Hptm. Sauer + 3 KIA.

31.8.43: photographed the Taganrog area.[21]

6.9.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+AK) FTR in Pl.Qu.809899 (Kupyansk-Starobelsk area), 100%,4 MIA.

21.9.43: photographed the Izyum and Millerovo areas.[22]

28.9.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+RK) FTR from the Kharkov-Poltava area, 100%, 4 MIA.

30.9.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-5 shot down by a fighter over Zaporozhye, 100%, 4 WIA.

3.10.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+EK) FTR from the Berdyansk area, 100%, 4 MIA.

10.10.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 shot down by a fighter over Nikolayev, 100%, 4 WIA.

15.11.43: (Lfl.4) - Ju 88D-1 force landed west of Tarnopol, 25%, Oblt. Erich Leichle (pilot) injured.

11.12.43: (Lfl.4) - Junkers W 34 crashed at Vapnyarka, 30%, 3 killed and 1 injured.

1/44 - 6/44: no mention of the Staffel found in the surviving documentation for this period. Since monthly order of battle charts showing the location of units at the front exist for this period, 2.(F)/22 was probably withdrawn from operations in December 1943 and returned to the Reich for an extended rest and refit. However, an unconfirmed source places the Staffel at the following airfields during this period:[23]

1/44: at Golta/105 km SE of Uman.

2/44: Raukhovka/75 km N of Odessa.

14.3.44: transferred to Odessa.

18.3.44: transferred to Tiraspol.

1.4.44: transferred to Focşani in eastern Romania and remained there until 27 July.

31.5.44: photographed the Odessa area.[24]

26.6.44: at Focşani directly under Luftflotte 4 with Ju 88s.[25] However, all subsequent charts for July and August fail to identify 2.(F)/22.

1.7.44: reported 9 Ju 88D-1 and 1 D-5 on strength.

27.7.44: transferred from Focşani to Jüterbog in Germany.[26]

3.9.44: reportedly disbanded at Jüterbog with its FpN deleted on 19 October 1944.[27]

FpN: (L 01145)


Hptm. Ernst Blauensteiner (DKG) (1 Jun 39 - 14 Sep 40)

Hptm. Walter Pletke (DKG) ( - 6 Jan 42?) 1941

Hptm. Anton (Toni) Köck ( - 11 Jul 43) MIA

Hptm. Günther Sauer (Jul 43 - 18 Aug 43) KIA

Also see:

AUER, Carl, Lt.(Kr.O.)

BALDAUF, Horst, Lt.

BALSHÜSEMAN, Heinrich, Hptm.

BALTZER, Siegfried, Lt.

BARTH, Konrad, Hptm.

BATTLER, H., Oblt.

BIEREN, Julius von, Lt.

BINDER, Heinrich, Oblt./Hptm.

BURANER, Engelbert, Lt.

EICKSTEDT, Egon von, Oblt.

FICHTNER, Gerhard, Hptm./Maj.

GAEDE, Gerhard, Hptm.

GILLER, Albert (Albin?), Oblt./Hptm.

HARDT, Konrad, Hptm.

HEINRICH, August, Oblt.

HERMEL, Conrad (Konrad), Oblt.

HOPPE, Günther, Lt./Oblt.

HÖRMANN, Siegfried, Lt.

HORSTMANN, Hermann, Lt.

JACOK (JACOB?), August, Lt.

KLIE, Theodor, Lt.

KRAFT, Fritz, Lt.

KRÜPER, Gerhard, Lt.

LEICHLE, Erich, Oblt.


LEWENS, Richard, Oblt.

LINEK, Franz, Lt.

LOOSEN, Bruno, Lt.

MEYER, Konrad, Oblt.

MICHELI, Helmut, Obzm.

NÄBRICH, ? , Lt.(Kr.O.)


PLOTKE, Walter, Hptm.

PROMINSKI, Hans, Lt./Oblt.

REERINK, Berndt, Oblt.

SATTLER, Hermann, Oblt.(Kr.O.)



SCHÖNKNECHT, Peter, Oblty.

SCHWEIZER, Erich, Oblt.

SIECKENIUS, Arndt-Erich-Arndt, Hptm.

SIECKENIUS, Johannes, Hptm.

SINN, Helmut, Oblt.

SORGE, Ernst, Lt.


STICH, Gustl., Lt.

STRENGE, Heinrich von, Lt.

TRABERT, Werner, Oblt.

WEBER, Rudolf, Oblt.(Kr.O.)

WICKERT, Siegfried, Lt.

WIRTZ, Siegfried, Oblt.d.R.


ZORN, Norbert, Lt.

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Additional Notes & Losses

22.6.41 - 2.(F)22 received orders to reconnoitre the roads between Kagul - Bolgrad - Tiraspol and Thigina - Romanesti - Leora in the afternoon of 22.6. in order to determine the whereabouts of a tank corps suspected to be in this area. The reconnaissance was unsuccessful. [28]

24.6.41 - In the early hours of the morning, 2.(F)/22 reconnoitred 6 large vehicle columns in the Kishinev area, heading west. Strong anti-aircraft defence was encountered along the Kishinev - Tiraspol road.[29]

25.6.41 – 2.(F)/22 was ordered to reconnoitre railway lines east of the Pruth and to photograph 2 Dnjepr crossings. The Souljani military bridge had been destroyed by 2 bomb hits.[30]

26.6.41 – 2.(F)/22 received orders to reconnoitre railway lines east of the Pruth. [31]

27.6.41 – 2.(F)/22, operating under the orders of AOK 11, reconnoitred railway lines to the east of the Dnieper and photographed the Dnieper crossing at Cherkasy.[32]

3.7.41 - 2.(F)/22 received orders to determine whether the enemy was retreating further east from the Tarnopol - Lemberg area. Furthermore, they were ordered to reconnoitre the Schmerinka - Kasatin - Kiev railway line and roads in the same area.[33]

8.7.41: Orders issued to 2.(F)/22 by Koluft 11 – staffel to perform reconnaissance the same roads from Kishinev to Kremenchug and from Rybnitsa to Cherkasy on 8.7.41 by order of the Army Group, as it was ordered in Einsatzbefehl 22.

In addition, lines of fortifications between the Dniester and the Bug are to be photographed, maps for this purpose will be sent to the Staffel by courier aircraft.[34]

10.7.41: 1 aircraft of 2.(F)/22 performed a road reconaissance between the Dnjestr and the Dnjepr. Aircraft took off at 12.09 hrs landing at 16.15 hrs. Sortie was flown between 5 & 6,000m. The aircraft was withing the operational area between 13.05 and 105.30 hrs. Near Tscherkasy heavy and medium flak was encountered with light flak engaging near Balti. Near Tscherkasy two fightewrs were encountered.[35]

A photo reconaissance sortie took place between 12.05 hrs (take-off) and 16.15 hrs (landing). The evaluation of the photographs identified, that at 13.35 hrs, 3 trains each of 45 wagons heading east between Potasch and Swenigorodka and at a railyard between Potasch and Talnoje 40 wagons were seen. Large numbers of railway wagons were seen in yards at Kirowo, Alexandrija and Golta.[36]

15.4.43: Reconnaissance sorties flown against Soviet airfields in the IV Fliegerkorps area. Crews involved were those of: Hptm. Köck (Oblt. Vetter; Uffz. Barwig and Uffz. Gumprecht); Oblt. Sinn (Ofw. Bieberich; Ofw. Fehse and Uffz. Eicker); Oblt. Binder (Fw. Rau; Uffz. Bachmann and Uffz. Friedel) and that of Oblt. Heinrich (Ofw. Helm; Fw. Hauser and Uffz. Kotter).[37]

19.5.43: Sorties flown by the following crews: 1st sortie Ofw. Roßmann; Ofw. Arnold; Uffz. Barwig and Uffz. Groeschel, 2nd sortie Oblt. Sinn; Ofw. Bieberich; Ofw. Tomm and Ofw. Rothert and 3rd sortie Oblt. Binder; Ofw. Neuhaus; Ofw. Schlegel and Uffz. Herrmann.[38]

2.6.43: Hptm. Köck and crew (Oblt. Sinn, Ofw. Tomm and Ofw. Rothert) flew a sortie that encompassed 59 Soviet airfields including a number of fighter airfields.[39]

6.6.43: Hptm. Köck and crew praised by Gen.d.Fl. Curt Pflugbeil (Komm. Gen.des IV Fliegerkorps) for an outstanding performance reconnoitering the 59 airfields on 2.6.43.[40]


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