2.(H)/10 Tannenberg

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2.(H)/10 Tannenberg


1 Nov 1938 - formed from 2.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 11 at Neuhausen (East Prussia) operating He 46s.[1]


Spring/Summer 1939 - Converted from He 46 to Hs 126.[2]

Sep 1939 - Prior to this moved forward from Neuhausen to Ganshorn (East Prussia) with 12 Hs 126s on charge in preparation for the assault on Poland.[3] StaKa Obslt.Thiet[4]

Assault on Poland, recconaissance for XXI Armee Korps and 1. cavalry Brigade in Northern Poland. Other sources suggest that it supported I. Armeekorps/3. Armee from the Graudenz-Mlawa area east and south to the vicinity of Bialystok - Brest-Litovsk.[5]

End Sep 1940 - Returned to Neuhausen.[6]

End 1939/Beginning 1940 - there is evidence from loss returns that 2(H)./10 transferred to Luftflotte 2 in Northern Germany in this period.[6]


Jan 1940

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
10 Jan 1940 2(H)./10 Hs 126 Crashed at Fassberg when the aircraft's propeller disintegrated.Crew uninjured.[7]

Apr 1940 - Occupation of Denmark and Norway. Assigned to Fliegerkorps X[6] to supply recce sorties for XXI Armee Korp and Hoh.Kdo.XXXI using the Hs 126.

20 Apr 1940 - Unit staged through Aalborg (Denmark) on its way north. Two Hs 126Bs involved in a mid-air collision, both crews were killed.[6]

22/23 Apr 1940 - Whitleys of 58 Sqdn RAF bombed Oslo/Fornebu airfield, damaging four Hs 126s of 2(H)10. [8]

1/2 May 1940 - Three Whitleys of 77 Sqdn and two from 102 Sqdn RAF again struck Fornebu destroying one Hs 126 of 2(H)10.[9]

15 May 1940 - Hs 126B-1 sent on a recce over the Mo area damaged by AA fire.[10]

28 May 1940 - Departed Trondheim-Vaernes for Germany.[6]

Late May 1940 - In the assault on the West operated on behalf of XXVI Armee Korps over Holland and Belgium, again using the Hs 126.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
09 Jun 1940 2(H)./10 Hs 126 Suffered severe damage caused by ground fire during an observation sortie over Compiêgne.Oblt. G. Meuser (B) killed, pilot uninjured.[11]
Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
14 Jun 1940 2(H)./10 Hs 126 Shot down by six D.520s of GC I/3 during a sortie east of Paris. Aircraft crashed at Grisy-Suines, which is to the South east of Brie-Comte-Robert. Lt.F. Baur(B) and Uffz. H. Krahe both killed.[12]
14 Jun 1940 2(H)./10 Hs 126 Returned damaged following combat with aircraft of GC I/3 during sortie over Lagny-le-Sec, northeast of Paris. Uffz. H. Bock (B) slightly wounded, pilot unhurt.[13]

30 August 1940 - based on the Channel coast under Koluft/AOK 9 in support of VIII. Armeekorps for the planned invasion of England.[6]

Autumn 1940 - provide a training cadre for Rumanian recce units.

Nov 1940 - returned to Germany.[6]

17 Dec 1940 - A fatal crash was recorded near Eschweiler, located a few kilometers from Aachen in NW Germany, this suggests a presence at one of the airfields in that area.[6]


Mid-Feb 1941 - the Staffel was ordered to Craiova in Romania for assignment to VIII. Fliegerkorps.[6]

Apr 1941 - Performed recce on behalf of XVIII Gebirgskorps/AOK 12[6] during the advance through Yugoslavia and Greece - flying Hs 126s.

14 Apr 1941 - Hs 126 shot down by Hurricanes of 33 Sqdn. Aircraft crashed at Katerine (SSW of Salonika), the crew survived although the observer (Oblt. Hans Wiedemann) was wounded.[14]

21 Apr 1941 - An Hs 126 (T1+KK) flying low over the Australian lines in the Thermopyle area was shot down by groundfire. The pilot, Fw. Hans Kaish, was unable to control the damaged aircraft which subsequently crashed killing both crew members. [15]

11 May 1941 - 2.(H)/10 was based at Larissa in Central Greece.

Jun 1941 - Ordered from Greece to the Zamość area in SE Poland and assigned to Koluft/AOK 6 under Heeresgruppe Süd (Army Group South).[6]

19 Jun 1941 - hree Fi 156s (T1+NK, OK, PK) belonging to the Staffel were reported missing on a ferry flight east from Gleiwitz in Silesia after getting lost en-route.[6]

22 Jul 1941 - operated under Heeresgruppe Mitte for "Barbarossa".[16] Operated under Koluft 18. Armee.[17]

Mid-Sep 1941 - after advancing via Zhitomir/W Ukraine, operations were in the Borispol area/SE of Kiev in support of XXIX. AK/AOK 6.[6]

Dec 1941 - Mar 1942 - Located in the Belgorod area/70 km NNE of Kharkov from December 1941 to March 1942 with station at Kharkov I under Koluft/AOK 6.[6]


Jan 1942 - attached to NAGr.10

1 Mar 1942 - Reported 6 x Hs 126B-1s on strength.[6]

10 Apr 1942 - Transferred to Kharkov-Voichenko for conversion to the Fw 189. No losses were reported for the first year of the campaign in Russia, but it is very difficult to believe that none occurred.[6]

End Jun 1942 - On completion of conversion to 8 x Fw 189As assigned to NAGr. 9 for support of AOK 17's offensive into North Caucasia.[6]

18 Jul 1942 - First recorded loss since returning to operations following the conversion to the Fw 189 - this occurred at Artemovsk (North of Stalino) when a Fw 189 crashed, killing the crew of three.[6]

5 Sep 1942 - An Fw 189 was shot down by ground fire at Borisovka in northern Caucasia wounding Hptm. Rolf Köber and his crew. [6]

Nov 1942 - Based at Krasnodar, north Caucasia.[6]

Dec 1942 - Ordered north to Millerovo to support the heavy fighting west of Stalingrad, eventually re-assigned to NAGr 12.

31 Dec 1942 - Compelled to evacuate to Rovenki (Located 55 km S of Voroshilovgrad) following the Soviet advancde west from the Stalingrad area.[6]


Jan/Feb 1943 - Moved to airfields in the Gorlovka-Stalino area.[6]

3 Feb 1943 - Fw 189 (VX+NB) with Oblt. Hans Kraft and his crew failed to return from a sortie around Voroshilovgrad.[6]

22 Feb 1943 - With the front in the Donets Basin area now more or less stabilized, the Staffel was ordered to Jesau (East Prussia) to begin conversion to the Bf 109G. However, not all crews may have gone as losses were still recorded of Fw 189s operated by the staffel at the front.[6]

1 Mar 1943 - The staffel had 8 x Fw 189As on strength.[6]

16 Mar 1943 - Fw 189 damaged by AA fire in the vicinity of Voroshilovgrad.[6]

Apr 1943 - Became 2./NAGr.12

FpN: (L 06067)

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