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2.(H)/Aufk1.Gr. 31 Code: (5D + )

also as: 2.(H)/31 (Pz)

Formation and Training. (Nov 38 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Brieg/Silesia (ex-2.(H)/Aufk1.Gr. 13) with Henschel Hs 126s and Heinkel He 46s.[1]

Polish Campaign. (Sep 1939)

1.9.39: although the Staffe1 is not listed in the order of battle for this date, it is said to have taken part in the campaign in support of 5. Panzer-Division/VIII. Armeekorps (14th Army) from the Ratibor area in Upper Silesia and advanced across southern Poland via Krakow, the Galicia District and into the Lvov area by 19 September.

11.39: after the conclusion of the campaign at the end of September, the Staffel replaced its few remaining He 46s with Hs 126s.

West - Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - c.May 41)

7.3.40: Hs 126 crashed shortly after a night take-off from Fp. Rotenburg/40 km E of Bremen, 100%, 2 killed.

10.5.40: Eifel area assigned to support 5th Panzer Division/Army Group B for the campaign in the West this date, moving forward via Cambrai - Lille - Rouen and into Brittany from mid-June.

21.5.40: Hs 126 shot down over Flanders, 100%.

22 Jun 40: on a field airstrip 6 km NE of Nantes.

13.8.40: N France under Stab/Aufkl.Gr. 31 with 7 Hs 126s on standby to lay smoke screens for the planned invasion of England that was later cancelled.

29.12.40: Hs 126 force landed at Beaumont, 80%.

4.1.41: departed France this date for the Reich and then the Balkans.

Balkan Campaign. (Apr 41 - May 41)

6.4.41: assigned to 5th Panzer Division/12th Army for the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece.

6.4.41: on the opening day of the attack this date, flew reconnaissance in the Niš-Paracin area of eastern Serbia under Koluft AOK 12.

20.4.41: at Alonakia/11 km W of Kozani in Greece.

11.5.41: at Trikala/north-central Greece.

Germany. (Jun 41 - May 42)

6.41: the Staffe1 did not take part in the attack on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941. The 5th Panzer Division, to which 2.(H)/31 was assigned, was held in reserve until October, but instead of accompanying the Division to Russia the Staffel remained in Germany to convert to the Focke Wulf Fw 189.

4.11.41: Bü 131 damaged taxiing at Fp. Brieg, 10%.

1.3.42: Staffel reported 9 x Fw 189 A-1 on strength.

South Russia. (May 42 - Feb 43)

16.5.42: in transfer to Konotop for assignment to Nahaufklärungsgruppe 10.

31.5.42: Fw 189 A-1 damaged by bombs during enemy air raid on Fp. Kursk, 20%.

4.6.42: photographed the Livny area.

5.6.42: Fw 189 A-1 shot up by a fighter near Livny/125 km NE of Kursk, 20%, Oblt. Alfred Gillesberger WIA.

11.6.42: photographed the Livny area.

20.6.42: Staffel reported 9(5) Fw 189s on strength.

6.7.42: Fw 189 shot down by a fighter over Kamenka, 100%, 1 WIA.

12.7.42: Kursk area under NAGr. 10.

18.9.42: Fw 189 damaged taking off from Fp. Barkovo due to technical problems, 15%.

7.10.42: Fi 156 crash landed at Fp. Kshen/105 km WNW of Voronezh, 60%.

12.42 – 1.43: Rostov area on temporary loan to NAGr. 1?

29.1.43: Fw 189 destroyed by bombs at Fp. Kursk during enemy air attack, 100%, 1 KIA and 1 WIA.

6.2.43: Fw 189 destroyed to prevent capture by the enemy at Fp. Kursk, 100%.

12.2.43: now at Konotop under NAGr. 10 to refit and re-equip.

1.3.43: Staffel reported 11 x Fw 189 A-2 and 3 x Fw 189 A-3 on strength.

Central Russia. (c.Mar 43 - Apr 43)

3.4.43: Konotop under NAGr. 10.

6.4.43: Staffel flew its 2,000th operational sortie this date.

21.4.43: routine Fw 189 A-2 accidents at Konotop.

South Russia. (May 43 - Mar 44)

5.43: reassigned to NAGr. 1 in South Russia, temporarily at first.

3.6.43: Fw 189 A-2 strafed on the ground at Fp. Stepanovka/42 km ESE of Melitopol by enemy fighters, 25%.

4.6.43: Fw 189 A-2 strafed again at Fp. Stepanovka, 20%.

7.6.43: Fw 189 shot up by a fighter at Fp. Stepanovka, 40%.

6/43: from this date on, the Staffel’s losses reported under the NAGr. it was assigned to.

8.43: South Ukraine under NAGr. 1.

15.11.43: ordered to move to Kalinovka/23 km N of Vinnitsa under NAGr. 6.

12.43: western Ukraine under NAGr. 6.

12.43: Staffel transferred to (Straubing?)/Germany for conversion to the Bf 109G and then renamed 3./NAGr. 4 around 1 March 1944 (or 1 February?) and returned to the front. However, the change in designation was not entered in the Feldpost directory until 21 April 1944.

FpN:2.(H)/31 (L 28872).


Hptm. Alfred (Alf) Giesse (9 Jan 40 - 6 Jul 40)

Hptm. Helmut Sorge (9 Jun 40 - 22 Oct 40)

Hptm. Helmut Kallweit (Dec 41 - Nov 42)

Hptm. Gottfried Berthold (  ? -  ? ) 4/43, 8/43

Also see:

AUER von HERRENKIRCHEN, Friedhelm, Lt./Oblt.

BALL,  ? , Lt.

BETHKE, Karl-Friedrich, Oblt.

COESTER, Eberhard, Oblt.

EICHBORN, Ernst-Eckart von, Lt.

FENSBERG, Ferdinand, Lt.

GERTH, Ronald, Lt.


HAHN, Fritz, Lt.

HERBIG, Hermann, Oblt.

HEYMER, Otto, Hptm./Maj.

HORN, Hans-Joachim, Lt.

KANITZ, Ultz, Graf von, Oblt.

KÖCHER, Wendelin A., Oblt.

KRESSNER, Wolfgang, Lt./Oblt.

LEUPOLD, Friedrich Wilhelm Robert, Lt.

MACKENSEN, Klaus von, Lt.

MERKLIN, Ludwig Franz, Lt.

METZNER, Kurt, Oblt.

MÖLLER, Fritz, Oblt.

PICHLER, Hans, Lt.

SALM, Arthur, Lt.

WOLF, Friedrich, Oblt.

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress). (1st Draft 2021)


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