2./NAGr. 14

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2./NAGr. 14

(Unit Code M9+)

Formation. (December 1943)

Ordered formed on or about 1 December 1943 at Bayreuth-Bindlach in Bavaria (ex-1.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 41). Equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 109G single-seat reconnaissance types.[1]

Germany, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria. (December 1943 - May 1945)

27 February 1944: at Würzburg completing conversion training and work-up. The Staffel received its first aircraft, 4 Bf 109 G-6s, during February and 12 more during March.

c.20 April 1944: transferred to Romania with Stab/NAGr. 14. After a brief stay at Roman/45 km north Bacău, according to unconfirmed sources, it moved to Bacău/240 km north-north-east of Bucharest. Assigned to provide tactical reconnaissance for AOK 8 (German 8th Army) along the front area north and north-east of Bacău.

May 1944: 3 Bf 109Gs were lost in action during May.

2 May 1944: Bf 109 G-6 shot down (or crashed?) 10 km W of Targul Frumos, Staka Hptm. von Holleben KIA.

26 June 1944: at Bacău/north-east Romania with Bf 109Gs.

19 August 1944: The Soviet offensive through Romania into Bulgaria and Hungary began this date and 5 days later German-allied Romania jumped ship and defected to the Western Powers, turning its armed forces against Germany. Facing overwhelming odds, the Germans began a hasty and chaotic retreat from Romania.

August 1944: 4 Bf 109 G-6s were lost in action during the month.

September 1944: the Staffel departed Bacău in late August and pulled back into Hungary through Transylvania. Görgenyoroszfalu/c.120 km E Kolozsvár is said to have been one stopover along the way until it departed there on 12 September.

3 October 1944: now at Szilágynagyfalu/87 km south-east of Debrecen in north-east Hungary under Stab/NAGr. 14 with 14(11) Bf 109Gs. October cost the Staffel 1 Bf 109 G-6 and 4 Bf 109 G-8s lost in action as it supported the general withdrawal into central Hungary in the direction of Budapest.

2 November 1944: at Ferihegy on the outskirts of Budapest with 10(8) Bf 109 G-6s and G-8s.

29 November 1944: now at Csákvár/46 km west-south-west of Budapest under Stab/NAGr. 14 with 14(11) Bf 109Gs.

December 1944: Budapest was gradually surrounded by the Soviets and sealed off; the city fell to the Red Army on 13 February 1945. The Staffel reportedly transferred from Csákvár to Veszprém/39 km south-west of Székesfehérvár during the month and remained there until March 1945, but this has not been confirmed. It is known to have made heavy use of Györ (Raab)/110 north-west of Budapest during this period so perhaps it operated from both airfields.

31 December 1944: 2./NAGr. 14 reported 1 Bf 109 G-6/U3, 2 Bf 109 G-6/R2, 4 Bf 109 G-8/R5 and 1 Bf 109 G-14 on strength.

2 February 1945: Bf 109 G-8 failed to return from a recce mission - no details, 100%,

pilot MIA.

4 February 1945: Bf 109 G-8 shot up by a fighter - no details, 35%.

12 February 1945: Bf 109 G-6 crashed at Györ (Raab) due to engine failure, 10%.

12 February 1945: Bf 109 G-8 shot down by ground fire west of Budapest, 100%, pilot MIA.

21 February 1945: Bf 109 G-6 shot down near Székesfehérvár/61 km south-west of Budapest, 90%, pilot WIA.

7 March 1945: Bf 109 G-6 failed to return from a mission, 100%, Staka Hptm. Göbel MIA.

11 March 1945: Bf 109 G-14 failed to return from a mission - no details, 100%, pilot MIA.

13 March 1945: Bf 109 G-6 failed to return from a mission - no details, 100%, Oblt. Wolfgang Niccolai MIA.

26 March 1945: at Györ (Raab) under Stab/NAGr. 14. A few days later the Russians drove the German and Hungarian forces across the border into Austria and opened their attack toward Vienna, which fell on 13 April after fierce fighting.

3 May 1945: now at Enns/Austria under Stab/NAGr. 14. A few days later Staffel personnel dispersed to their homes or surrendered to American forces.

FpN:2./NAGr. 14 (L 04758).


Hptm. Karl Schumacher ( ? - ? ) 10/43

Hptm. Hans Luitpold Ernst Ludwig von Holleben? ( ? - 2 May 1944) KIA

Hptm. Hermann Westdickenberg. (May 1944 – Dec 1944)[2]

Hptm. Armin(?) Goebel ( ? - 7 March 1945?) MIA

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(1st Draft 2022)


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