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2.(F)/Seeaufkl.Gr. 128

Code: (6W + )

Formation (June 1943)

Ordered formed 29 May 1943 (new) with a planned allowance of 12 Arado Ar 196 floatplanes. Place of formation not known, but possibly in France. The Staffel was probably formed specifically for maritime/coastal reconnaissance along the coast of South France.[1]

France (Aug 1943? - Aug 1944)

31.8.43: (Lfl.3) - Ar 196 (6W+DK) failed to return from a mission -no details, 100%, 2 MIA.

11.9.43: (Lfl.3) - 2 Ar 196s crashed on take-off from Fp.St-Raphael/S France due to engine failure, 80% and 60%.

29.9.43: (Lfl.3) - 2 Ar 196s destroyed in a mid-air collision in the Elba-Corsica area, both 100%, 3 killed and 1 injured.

12/43: Staffel based at Marseilles-Berre seaplane base/S France.[2]

6.12.43: (Lfl.3) - Ar 196A-3 shot down in air battle, 100%, 2 KIA and 1 WIA.

6.12.43: (Lfl.3) - Ar 196 shot up by a fighter S of Cannes, 20%, 2 WIA.

25.7.44: Marseilles-Berre. [3]

21.8.44: transferred to Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance (Bodensee) in South Germany with 8 Ar 196s following the Allied invasion of South France on 15 August; during the hasty withdrawal, the Staffel was forced to blow up one Ar 196 at Berre and another at Perpignan to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. [4]

26.8.44: ordered disbanded by OKL this date - all of the Staffel's Ar 196s were to be ferried to Travemünde in N Germany and all personnel were to report to Flieger-Ergänzungsgruppe (See) at Kamp for reassignment.[5]

FpN: 2.(F)/SAGr.128 (L 52008).


(unable to identify with certainty)

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ASTHEIMER, Dietrich, Oblt.

BUDDENBERG, Roland, Lt.z.S.

ECKHARDT, Rolf, Oblt.z.S.

GERHARD, (?), Oblt.

SCHALLER, Oskar, Lt.


SCHERPING, Jürgen, Lt.

SCHLEESE, Hermann Otto, Lt.

TRINKS, Werner, Hptm.

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Seeaufklärungsgruppe 128

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