2. Nachtjagddivision

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2. Nachtjagddivision

(FpN: L 08572)


Gen.Maj. Walter Schwabedissen (1 May 42 - 30 Sep 42)[1]

Formation and History. (May 42 - Sep 42)

Formed 1 May 1942 at Stade from elements of Stab/Flakscheinwerfer-Div. 2 under XII. Fliegerkorps. Responsible for coordinated air defences over northwest Germany, Denmark and from the Berlin area north to the Baltic coast. Re-designated Stab/2. Jagddivision at Stade on 1 October 1942.[2]

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  1. According to his personnel records, Schwabedissen’s date of appointment as Kdr. of this Division was 1 January 1942, which suggests a formation date earlier than 1 May. Surviving documents at BA-MA Freiburg give the latter as the correct date of formation.
  2. G.Tessin- Verbände und Truppen der Deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS 1939-1945. Teil 14: Die Luftstreitkräfte; F.Golücke-Schweinfurt und der strategische Luftkrieg 1943:110.