2. Seetransportstaffel Sewastopol

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2. Seetransportstaffel Sewastopol

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Formation and History. (Feb 43 - Mar 43)

Formed on or about 14 February 1943 at Sevastopol/Crimea as a provisional (temporary) squadron for the airlifting of critical supplies to the Kuban Bridgehead (Taman Peninsula/North Caucasia) and the evacuation of wounded on the return trip. This emergency measure was necessary due to the muddy condition of the airfields throughout the area. The Staffel was equipped with some 20 Ju 52 transports that were borrowed from various units that had been employed in the Stalingrad airlift and hastily outfitted with floats (pontoons), the work being done by the Werftkompanie (Workshop Co.) of 8. Seenotstaffel at Sevastopol and at Lake Ortasli/22 km SSW of Kerch in eastern Crimea. The Ju 52s landed on small lakes that are scattered throughout the Taman Peninsula, which lies across the Straits of Kerch from Crimea. During its brief existence, 2. Seetransportstaffel Sewastopol shared in the airlifting of about 1,910 tons of supplies into the bridgehead. Only a single loss is known, that being a Ju 52 that went down in the Black Sea on 23 March, the crew being successfully rescued. The Staffel was ordered disbanded on 1 April 1943 with the resumption of normal flying operations following the end of the muddy period, although this was not immediately carried out as it was still identified at Lake Ortasli as late as 14 April and the Staffelkapitän was still with the Staffel until 11 June 1043.[1]

FpN:(none assigned)


Maj. Hannibal Gude (c. 14 Feb 43 - 11 Jun 43)

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