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Aufklärungsstaffe1 3.(F)/100

Code: (T5 + )

Formation. (Jan 43)

Formed 27 January 1943 at Kharkov/Ukraine (ex-3.(F)/Aufk1.Gr. Ob.d.L.) with Junkers Ju 88s and one or two Arado Ar 240s.[1]

South Russia. Jan 43 - Feb 43)

31.1.43: Kharkov under Luftwaffenkdo. Don - the one or two Ar 240s in its possession were for operational evaluation.

1.2.43: Staffel reported 5 x Ju 88 D-1, 2 x Ju 88 D-5 and 2 x Ar 240 A-0 on strength.

13.2.43: transferred from Kharkov to Poltava on or about this date. Soviet forces retook Kharkov on 16 February.

16.2.43: transferred from Poltava to Seshchinskaya for reassignment to the central sector of the Russian Front.

Central Russia. (Feb 43 - May 43)

16.2.43: Ar 240 crashed on flight from Poltava to Seshchinskaya due to mechanical trouble, 100%, 1 injured.

21.2.43: began flying reconnaissance under 1. Fliegerdivision in support of 2d Panzer Army, covering the area generally NE, E and SE of Ore1.

19.3.43: Ju 88 D-1 destroyed by bombs during Russian air raid on Fp. Seshchinskaya, 100%.

22.4.43: Ju 88 D-1 (T5+CL) failed to return from a recce mission - no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

1.5.43: Staffel reported 9 x Ju 88 D-1, 1 x Ju 88 D-3, 1 x Ju 88 D-5 and 1 x Ar 240 V-8 on strength.

5.43: withdrawn from operations in May or early June and transferred to Achmer in northwest Germany, possibly with an extended stay at Oranienburg along the way, and renamed 2./FAGr. 5 effective 1 July 1943, converting to the Junkers Ju 290.

FpN:3.(F)/100 (L 35433).


Hptm. Karl-Friedrich Bergen (27 Jan 43 - Jun 43)

Also see:

CALMUND, Kurt, Lt.

EBERHARDT?, Helmut, Oblt.

FISCHER, Karl-Heinrich, Hptm.

HEINDORFF, Hans-Otto, Oblt.

HOLERT, Hermann, Hptm.

KLEMENT, Johann, Oblt.

PFEIFFER, Günter, Oblt.

QUACK, Ernstfried, Oblt.

VOGTS, Herbert, Lt.

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(1st Draft 2022)


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Aufklärungsgruppe 100

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