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3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 22 (2nd Formation)

Formation and Organization. (Nov 38 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 November 1938 at Kassel-Rothwesten (ex-3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.24) with Dornier Do 17Fs, although the Staffel began replacing these with Do 17Ps during the first half of 1939.[1]

West. (Sep 39 - Apr 40)

1.9.39: Koblenz-Karthause with 12 Do 17Ps under Koluft AOK 1 after moving there from Kassel-Rothwesten on or about 26 August following the order for general mobilization. Flew intermediate range reconnaissance missions over northeast France.[2]

22.9.39: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by French Morane fighters near Zweibrücken, 100%, 2 KIA and 1 WIA.

7.11.39: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a French fighter over the Saar region, 100%, 3 KIA.

21.11.39: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P operating from Koblenz shot down by French fighters near Morhange/42 km NE of Nancy while on a recce mission to the Reims area, 100%, Oblt. Thiel + 2 MIA, but two of these three were captured by the French.

23.11.39: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a Hurricane east of Verdun, 100%, 3 captured.

12/39 - 4/40: specific activity and location uncertain, but known to be engaged in training for the planned campaign in the West while flying occasional clandestine recce flights into France.

Attack on France and the Low Countries. (May 40 - Jun 40)

10.5.40: at Goslar/40 km S of Braunschweig under Koluft AOK 16 with Do 17Ps and Ms for the offensive commencing this date, flying reconnaissance over NE France.[3]

12-13.5.40: moved forward to Leihof, a landing ground 20 km north of Luxembourg City in Luxembourg.[4]

13.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a RAF Hurricane north of Reims, 100%.

20.5.40: Do 17 (4N+DL) returned severely shot up and force landed at Trier.

29.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17M shot down over Dunkirk, 100%.

6/40: transferred from Leihof to Clermont-les-Fermes/46 km N of Reims toward the end of May or beginning of June, then a few days later to nearby Lappion.[5]

1.6.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P failed to return from a recce mission -no details, 100%.

5.6.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down over Reims, 100%.

15.6.40: moved to Reims around mid-June after the runways had been made serviceable and flew missions in the Troyes area and around Avallon/92 km S of Troyes.[6]

22.6.40: the armistice ending the campaign was signed on 22 June, but 3.(F)/22 is said to have flown some recce sorties over the Mediterranean from one or more airfields in South France during the latter part of the month.[7]

Norway and Conversion Training in Germany. (Jul 40 - Jun 41)

15.7.40: after two weeks of rest and refit in Germany (base not known), transferred to Trondheim-Vaernes in Central Norway to fly convoy reconnaissance patrols along the Norwegian coast from there and from Stavanger-Sola.[8]

13.8.40: under Stab/Aufkl.Gr.22 with 5 Do 17Ps and 1 Do 17M.[9]

13.8.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a RAF Spitfire off the coast of Kent, 100%, 1 KIA and 2 MIA.

30.8.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P (4N+AL) FTR from a mission to Scotland and probably shot down by AA-fire, 100%, 3 MIA.

26.10.40: at Stavanger-Sola with Do 17s and perhaps one or two He 111s.[10]

13.11.40: half of the Staffel departed Stavanger-Sola this date for Greifswald to begin conversion training on the Junkers Ju 88.[11]

25.12.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88F shot down by Fleet Air Arm fighters while on a photo recce mission over the Home Fleet anchorage at Scapa Flow.[12]

5.2.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crash landed at Stavanger-Sola, possibly on return from night operations over England.[13] During February and March, the Staffel flew a number of post-raid damaged assessment missions over targets in northeast England and Scotland (Hull, Peterhead, Moray Firth, Orkney Islands, Shetlands, etc.) that had been bombed the day before.[14]

3/41: the other half of the Staffel departed Stavanger-Sola for Germany.[15]

21.3.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17M crash landed at Niedermendig, 50%.

4/41: transfer from Stavanger-Sola completed by the second half of March and 3.(F)/22 moved to Eichwalde in East Prussia by 1 April. On arrival, the Staffel engaged in practice flying and other training activities until 22 June.[16]

14.5.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-5 damaged at Eichwalde/E Prussia due to engine trouble.

16.6.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crashed at Eichwalde (Labiau), 100%, crew bailed out.

North Russia and Refit in Germany. (Jun 41 - Aug 43)

22.6.41: Eichwalde (Labiau)/East Prussia under Koluft AOK 18/Army Group North with Ju 88s for the attack on the Soviet Union this date. Flew reconnaissance over Central Latvia and particularly over the road running east from Riga to the beginning of July, and then farther east as the invasion rolled forward.[17]

8/41: Staffel transferred to Dno, halfway between Pskov and Lake Ilmen.

19.8.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-4 crash landed at Dno, 25%.

21.9.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-4 operating from Dno shot down by AA-fire, 100%, Oblt. Karl Happ + 3 KIA.

31.10.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88D-2 damaged taxiing at Dno, 45%.

9.11.41: (Ob.d.H.) - 4 Ju 88As moderately damaged when a German bomb exploded among parked aircraft on the airfield, 25%-40%.

10.1.42: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-4 damaged in landing accident at Dno, 70%.

30.1.42: (Ob.d.H.) - Staka Oblt. Fischer and 3 others wounded and another man killed during a strafing attack on Dno by Russian fighters.

1.2.42: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88A-4 shot up by AA-fire during a recce mission over the Kholm-Toropets-Ostashkov area, 30%.

4.2.42: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88A-4 (4N+EL) failed to return from a recce flight to the Kholm area, 100%, 4 KIA.

1.3.42: reported 5 Ju 88D-1 and 3 Do 17P on strength.[18]

13.4.42: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 damaged landing at Pskov, 40%.

19.4.42: Dno under FAGr.1/Luftflotte 1 from approximately this date in support of I. Fliegerkorps, 16th Army and 18th Army operations on the Leningrad front.[19] In addition to Ju 88s, the Staffel had a few Bf 110s from around this date.

2.5.42: (Lfl.1) - Bf 110E-3 (4N+XL) FTR from a recce mission over the Lake Ilmen area, 100%, 2 MIA.

28.5.42: (Lfl.1) - Kl 35B Staffel hack damaged on take-off at Dno, 70%.

6/42 - 8/42: Staffel not mentioned in the records - possibly returned to Germany for leave, rest and refit after a full year at the front.

17.6.42: photographed the Demjansk area.[20]

7.7.42: photographed the Valdai Hills area/190 km SE of Lake Ilmen.[21]

17.9.42: Dno.[22]

23.10.42: (Lfl.1) - 2 Ju 88D-1s damaged by bombs during Russia air raid on Dno, 60% and 50%.

1.12.42: reported 6 Ju 88D-1, 2 D-5, 1 Bf 110C-5 and 2 Bf 110E-3 on strength.

10.2.43: (Lfl.1) - 1 air crew member from 3.(F)/22 wounded by infantry fire near Kholm.

19.2.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-5 shot up by a fighter and belly landed at Dno, 70%.

21.2.43: (Lfl.1) - Bf 110E-3 damaged in bombing raid on Dno, 30%.

5.3.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 shot down by a fighter near Staraya Russa, 100%, Oblt. Albert Köppen (observer) + 3 KIA.

15.3.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 shot up by a fighter and belly landed at Dno, 50%, 1 WIA.

17.3.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+DL) FTR from the Rybinsk area, 100%, 4 MIA.

19.3.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-5 (100%) and 2 Ju 88D-1s (80% and 15%) destroyed or damaged by bombs during Russia air attack on Dno.

10.4.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 (4N+EL) FTR from a recce mission -no details, 100%, Staka Hptm. Ohmsen (pilot) + 3 MIA.

24.5.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 belly landed at Dno after the engine caught fire, 100%.

6.7.43: (Lfl.1) - Kl 35 hack crashed at Dno due to engine failure, 50%, Oblt. Erwin Paul + 1 injured.

10.7.43: Dno - Staffel reported 12(11) Ju 88s on strength.[23]

1.8.43: (Lfl.1) - Ju 88D-1 shot up by a fighter and belly landed at Dno, 70%, 1 WIA.

East Prussia - Rest, Refit and Conversion Training. (Sep 43 - Jan 44)

9/43: transferred from Dno to Gutenfeld/East Prussia around the end of August or early September to rest, refit and begin conversion to the Ju 188.[24]

11.10.43: (Mitte) - Ju 188F-1 damaged in training accident at Jürgenfelde/East Prussia, 40%.

21.12.43: (Mitte) - Ju 188F-1 crashed east of Liepaja (Libau)/Latvia during a routine training flight, 100%, Oblt. Werner Knauf (observer) + 3 killed.

North Russia and the Baltic States. (Jan 44 - Oct 44)

1/44: training and conversion completed, moved from Gutenfeld to Pskov and reassigned to FAGr.1 for operations.[25]

1.1.44: reported 12 Ju 188F-1 on strength.

26.1.44: transferred from Pskov to Riga-Spilve in Latvia as a result of the Russian winter offensive along the Leningrad front that began on 14 January and remained there under FAGr.1 until early October 1944, flying intermediate and long-range reconnaissance behind the front in support of Luftfotte 1 and Army Group North.[26]

26.2.44: photographed the Leningrad area.[27]

3.10.44: still at Riga-Spilve, but departed with FAGr.1 a few days later for Prowehren near Königsberg in East Prussia before the Russians took Riga on 15 October.[28]

1.12.44: reported 5 Ju 188D-2 and 4 Ju 188F-1 on strength.

East Prussia and Northeastern Germany. (Oct 44 - May 45)

1.1.45: Prowehren - reassigned to Fliegerführer 6/Luftflotte 6 effective this date.[29]

22.1.45: transferred from Prowehren to Kolberg/Pomerania on the Baltic coast on or about this date.[30]

22.1.45: (Lfl.6) - Ju 188F-1 FTR - no details, 100%, Oblt. Heinz Ramm (observer) + 3 MIA.

3.2.45: still at Kolberg.[31]

14.2.45: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-1 FTR - no details, 100%, 4 KIA.

29.3.45: now at Greifswald, and still under Fliegerführer 6.[32]

3.4.45: Greifswald.[33]

28.4.45: still under Fliegerführer 6 with Ju 188s, but location not given.[34]

FpN: (L 13001)


Maj. Karl-Henning von Barsewisch (DKG) ( - 23 May 40) 9/39

Hptm. Günther Falk (15 Jun 40 - May 41)

Oblt. Hermann Fischer (DKG) ( - ) 1/42

[Maj. Ludwig Wagenfeld ( ? - 15 Feb 43)]?

Hptm. Wilhelm Ohmsen (Mar 43 - 10 Apr 43) MIA

Hptm. Hermann Holert (15 Apr 43 - ) 6/43, 1/44

Hptm. Hubertus Pawlik ( ? - May 44) 1/44

Maj. Rudolf Gruhle ( - May 45)

Also see:

ALPERS, Friedrich-Ludwig Herbert, Lt.d.R./Oblt.d.R.


BACHER, Manfred, Lt. (Ing.)

BAUM, ? , Oblt.

BENTZ, Karl, Lt.

BOEME, J., Oblt. (same as BÖHME, below?)

BÖHME, Johannes, Oblt.


BRAUER, Klaus, Fhr.

BRINKMANN, Erwin, Hptm.

BUM, Anton, Oblt.

DÖRITZ, ? von, Lt.

DORN, Hans, Lt.

ECKSTEIN, Gerhard, Lt.

FELGE, W., Lt.


HAPP, Karl, Oblt.

HASTERS, Herbert, Lt.

HERBIG, Hermann, Oblt.

HERLEIN, Ludwig, Oblt.

HURST, Albert, Lt./Oblt.

KIRCHBACH, Karl-Heinz, Hptm.

KNABE, Konrad, Lt./Oblt.

KNAUF, Werner, Oblt.

KÖPPEN, Albert, Oblt.

KRAUSE, Rudolf, Lt.

KUNZMANN, Herbert, Lt.

KUSATZ (KIESACZ), Franz, Hptm.

LUGINGER, Erich, Oblt.

MEYER, Klaus, Lt.


MÜLLER, Hans, Lt.

NEBE, Paul-Gerhard, Oblt.


ODEMAR, ? , Lt.?

OSTERHAUSEN, Hans von, Oblt.

PANHANS (PANHAS?), Reinhold, Oblt.

PAUL, Erwin, Oblt.

PROTZ, Joachim, Lt.

RAMM, Heinz, Oblt.

RAPP, Karl, Oblt.

RITTER, Theodor, Oblt.

SACK, Martin, Lt.

SAUER, Rolf, Oblt.

SCHIPP, Karl, Lt.

SEEBECK, Gert Moritz Christopher von, Lt.

SELLE, Hans, Lt.

STEEVER, Siegfried, Lt.

STEINFATT, Dr. ? ., Reg.Rat. (Met. Beo.)


STRAUHAL, Dr.(med.) Franz, Obersrarzt


TELGE(TELGTE?), Wilhelm, Lt.

THIEL, Werner, Oblt.

THOMAS, Wilhelm, Lt.(Kr.O.)


USINGER, Karl, Lt.

WAGENFELD, Ludwig, Maj.


WENTZ, Ferdinand (Louis-Ferdinand), Oblt.

WERBER, Friedrich, Lt.

WORTMANN, Josef, Oblt.

ZITZEWITZ, Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Adam von, Oblt.

ZORN, Norbert, Lt.

© H.L. deZeng IV, 2021

Additional Notes and Losses

25.8.41 – A crew reported that at 06.37 hrs a train of 20 wagons was stopped at Dubtzi station (20 km southeast of Tschudowo).

In addition, between 07.25 and 07.32 a small amount of traffic was identified on the road between Nowgorod and Krestzy. Further observation not possible due to overlying clouds. The flight was eventually aborted due to the weather conditions.[35]

Monitoring road and rail activity between 15.05 and 15.23 hrs. Rail lines between Chudovo – Posadnikowo – Matushkino were checked for activity as were stations at Volkhov, Burga, Grusino, Tormino, Okulowka and Mal Wschera. The roads between Waldaj and Krestzy; Szeltzo and Saizewo; and Torbino and Borowenka were inspected.[36]

26.8.41 – between 17.20 and 17.35 hrs aircraft from this unit monitored the activity on the rail lines between Owinischtsche and Mga; and between Borovenka and Lykoschino. Trains were reported at various locations, in addition one train – 5 km SO of Malukasa was reported as being on fire.

Road activity was then monitored between 18.10 and 19.00 hrs.

From photographs taken at 17.30 hrs a storage warehouse was identified 200m SW of the rail yard at Malukasa (28 km ENE of Tosno).[37]

8.3.45 – Ju 188 (W.Nr.230500 4N+GL) photo reconnaissance sortie to Kronstadt. Failed to return . (Lt Sack and 3 crew MIA, later POWs). Believed shot down by Soviet aircraft.[38]


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