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Two views of a Hohentwiel­equipped Ju 188 of 3.(F)/33 in a revetment at Athen-Kalamaki during April – May 1944. Staffel personnel around the Kubelwagen are Uffz. Siebert and Uffz. Bergholz in front of the vehicle with Lt.Beyer, in white topped cap standing to their left.

3F33 Athen Mai 1944 188 (2) mit Hohentwiel+Naxos-R-a.jpg

Athen Kahn Technik 5 a.jpg

Two views of a 3.(F)/33 Ju 188 undergoing preparations on its starboard BMW 801 engine prior to its removal for an engine change at Athens-Kalamaki during the summer of 1944. Although not clearly visible in this photo, the exhausts are fitted with the ‘shaving brush’ style of flame dampeners frequently fitted to BMW engines.

Athen Kahn Technik 1 a.jpg

Athen Kahn Technik 2 a.jpg

The Ju 188 of Fw Werner Ebertz seen after landing on the snow covered airfield at Steinamanger in late 1944 where, after running into a deep, snow-covered rut, the aircraft ended up on its nose; fortunately without any injuries to the crew.

188 Absturz Ebertz A copy.jpg

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