3.(F)/FAGr 5

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3.(F)/Fernaufkl.Gr. 5

Planned Formation and Organization. (Jul 43 - Jun 44)

Plans formulated in 1943 called for the formation of 3.(F) Staffel, which was to be equipped with the new Junkers Ju 88H-1 ultra long-range reconnaissance plane. Initial steps were taken to set up the Staffel before the end of 1943, but the new Ju 88H-1 never went into serial production and these plans were cancelled. Instead, a new plan was put forward to reassigned 3.(F)/123 at Rennes to FAG 5 after it was partially re-equipped with Ju 88H-1s and re-designate it as 3.(F)/FAGr 5, but this was never carried out either.[1]

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Fernaufklärungsgruppe 5

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