3./Bordfl.Gr. 196

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3./Bordfl.Gr. 196

Formation and History. (Mar 43 - Jun 44)

The Staffel began forming on 12 June 1943 at Kiel-Holtenau with 8 Fa 330 autogyros and Fl 282 helicopters which were to be used aboard U-boats and certain surface vessels. It should be noted, however, that the initial order to form 3./196 dates from March 1943, but delays prevented this from happening until June. The Staffel’s main responsibility was to carry out all ship-borne helicopter testing (Fl 282 and Fa 330) and provide ship-borne instruction and technical training to potential pilots who had received their initial instruction under the auspices of the Segelflugausbildungsstelle der Luftwaffe at Gelnhausen. The Staffel became operational in September 1943 and was organized as follows: (1) main detachment at Kiel-Holtenau; (2) sailplane instructional detachment also based at Kiel-Holtenau; (3) Fa 330 detachment also based at Kiel-Holtenau; and (4) Fl 282 detachment based at Berlin-Adlershof. This latter detachment transferred to Schweidnitz in October 1943 following the relocation of the Flettner plant. On 7 February 1944, the detachments at Kiel-Holtenau were ordered transferred to Pillau in East Prussia as Kiel-Holtenau fell increasingly under greater threat of Allied aerial attack. The Staffel was ordered disbanded on 19 April 1944 due to a lack of any further applications for its mission, although this was not carried out until 2 June, with the exception of a rump (rear cadre) “Kommando 330” for pilot instruction, and this was almost certainly disbanded shortly afterwards.[1]

FpN:(L 52521)


Hptm. Hans Polzin (Jun 43 - Jun 44?)

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