3./NAGr. 11

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3./NAGr. 11

(Unit Code X9+)

Formation. (March 1944)

Ordered formed on or about 1 March 1944 (Feldpost number assigned 16 March) at Ghedi in North Italy, with actual formation commencing in April with 7 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6/U3 single-seat fighters outfitted for reconnaissance tasks. While still at only half its authorized strength, it moved from Ghedi to Castiglione del Lago to begin operations in the Rome area and south thereof, flying at least a few missions from Viterbo on 2 June and over the next several days. On 4 June, a Bf 109 G-6 failed to return from a reconnaissance sortie over the Anzio area and the pilot was reported missing in action. Formation was never completed due to insufficient assets and the impending fuel crisis, and the Staffel was ordered disbanded at Firenze (Florence) at the end of June 1944 (its FpN was deleted on 29 July 1944). It lost a total of 8 Bf 109s in action over its four months of existence.[1]

FpN:3./NAGr. 11 (L 61874).



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