3./NAGr. 12

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3./NAGr. 12

(Unit Code Y9+)

Formation. (April 1943)

Ordered formed on or about 1 April 1943 at Elbing/East Prussia (ex-7.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 13) with planned conversion from the Henschel Hs 126 to the Messerschmitt Bf 110. The first aircraft were delivered during July: 8 Bf 110 G-3, 1 Bf 110 E-3 and a Bf 110 C-5. On 14 July 1943 a Bf 110 G-3 was reported damaged in a runway collision at Fliegerhorst Jesau in East Prussia (45%), and on 11 August another Bf 110 G-3 struck the ground while flying low and crashed at (or into a) Seehügel destroying the aircraft and injuring the crew of two. Although probably along the Baltic coast in East Prussia, Seehügel has not been found as a place name and may instead simply mean sea (or beach) hill (or knoll). With the Bf 110 now considered obsolete in the reconnaissance role, the Staffel was ordered renamed 2./ZG 76 on 28 August 1943.[1]

FpN:3./NAGr. 12 (L 46661).


Hptm. Caesar-Georg Meyer-Schaar? (c.11 May 1943 - 28 August 1943?)

© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress).

(1st Draft 2022)


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