3./Seeaufkl.Gr. 125

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3./Seeaufkl.Gr. 125

Unit Code: (7R + )

Formation (May 1943

Formed May 1943 at Sevastopol/Crimea (ex-Aufkl.St. 3.(F)/125) with Blohm und Voss BV 138 flying boats.[1]

South Russia - Black Sea (June 1943 – Sep 1944)

8.6.43: Sevastopol with 9 BV 138s - Staffel also notified that it was scheduled to received three Arado Ar 196 floatplanes. [2]

2.7.43: (Lf1.4) - BV 138 (7R+ML) FTR from a patrol over the Black Sea, 100%, Staka Oblt. Leiteritz KIA and 4 MIA.

7.7.43: (Lf1.4) - BV 138 (7R+CL) FTR from over the Black Sea, 100%, 5 MIA.

11/43: Staffel transferred from Sevastopol to Constanta-Mamaia in the latter part of 1943, but exactly when is not known.

3.12.43: (Lf1.4) - BV 138C-1 severely damaged taxying at Constanta-Mamaia, 50%, 4 killed and 1 injured.

2.2.44: At Constanta-Mamaia.[3]

18.2.44:; (Lf1.4) - BV 138 damaged in a winter storm while moored in the Danube Delta, 30%.

25.8.44: transferred from Constanta-Mamaia to Salonika/Greece as a result of Romania's change of sides and the German evacuation of that country. On arrival, the Staffel received the remaining BV 138s from the disbanded 1./SAGr.125 and began convoy escort duties around Greece under Luftwaffenkdo. Südost, although this only lasted for a few days.[4]

31.8.44: Ordered to transfer from Salonika to Fp.List in Germany on the basis of the German decision to withdraw from Greece and the Aegean. [5]

5.9.44: 3./SAGr.125 ordered disbanded on or about this date. [6]Its Feldpost number was deleted on 6 December 1944. [7]

FpN: 3./SAGr.125 (L 06957).


Oblt. Walter Leiteritz (5/43 - 6/43)

Hptm. Walter Bestehorn (acting) (29 Jun 43 - 23 Oct 43)

Hptm. Kurt Schütt (10/43 - 3/44?)

Hptm. Gustav Nagel (c.7/44 - 9/44)

Also see:

ARNOLD, Günther, Lt.


BRÄUER, Hans-Klaus, Oblt.

HARDT, (Ludwig? Otto?), Lt.

KELLER, Franz, Oblt.


LASER, Siegfried, Lt.


SCHÖNE, Karl, Lt.

SPRINGER, Gerd, Oblt.

STEINIGWEG, Willi, Oblt.

VOIGT, Fritjof, Lt.

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Seeaufklärungsgruppe 125

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