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4. (F)/Aufkl.Gr. 11

(Unit Code: 6M + )

Formation and Organization. (Apr 39 - Aug 39)

Formed 1 April 1939 at Grossenhain (new) with Do 17s.[1]

Polish Campaign. (Sep 39)

8/39: at Grossenhain until general mobilization ordered 25-26 August, then moved to Neisse in Silesia by 1 September for the attack on Poland with 12 Do 17Ps under Koluft/Heeresgruppe Süd. Another source states that the Staffel was employed over North Poland in support of 4th Army.

West - Attack on France and the Low Countries. (Oct 39 - Jun 40)

10/39- 2/40: whereabouts unknown following the conclusion of the campaign in Poland, but probably returned to Grossenhain before moving to an airfield in the central Rhine sector opposite the Pfalz-Saarland area. An unconfirmed source states that it was based at Fp. Kirch-Göns/14 km S of Giessen from 6 Nov 39 to 10 May 40.

2.3.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P (6M+AM) intercepted by RAF Hurricanes while flying a recce mission in the vicinity of Metz/France and shot down, but not before the rear-gunner got one of the attacking fighters, 100%, Oblt. Adolf Leupolt and two other crew members captured.

1.4.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by French fighters near Sedan while on a photo recce mission to the Metz area, 100%, 2 KIA and 1 captured.

10.5.40: possibly now at Bonn-Hangelar - the Staffel’s assignment for the invasion of France that began on this date is not known.

13.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P failed to return from a recce mission N of Reims.

16.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a Morane 406 over Chimay/SW Belgium.

18.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down by a Hurricane over Valenciennes.

24.5.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P failed to return from a recce sortie over NE France.

10.6.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P shot down near Soissons/NW of Reims.

14.6.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P failed to return from a recce flight over South France.

Air Offensive Against England (Battle of Britain). (Jul 40 - May 41)

7/40- 5/41: although at least two sources maintain that the Staffel converted to Bf 110’s during the summer of 1940 and then flew artillery spotting and range adjusting sorties over the south coast of England for German coast artillery that was emplaced in the Pas de Calais area, there is not a single shred of evidence to support this. Rather, it appears that the Staffel was inactive in France, possibly at Bernay/55 km SW of Rouen, until at least the beginning of October, and then returned to Germany to convert to the Junkers Ju 88 (see below for another possibility).

30.8.40: Belgium-North France area directly under Koluft/Heeresgruppe A - Staffel was in reserve pending Operation “Sealion” and was to be committed only to reinforce other (F) Staffeln during the planned invasion of England.

7.10.40: (Ob.d.H.) - Do 17P (6M+HM) destroyed in a take-off accident at Paris -Le Bourget, 100%, 1 killed and 2 injured.

10/40 – 5/41: an unconfirmed source states that the Staffel was based at Amiens (9.40 – 12.40), Étampes (Mondésir) (12.40 – 4.41), and then moved to Austria with stations at Zeltweg (4.41 – 4.41) and Graz (5/41).

Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Jun 43)

22.5.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crashed and burned at Fp.Schippenbeil in East Prussia, 100%, Oblt. Günther Hennig + 3 all killed.

22.6.41: Staffel’s assignment for the attack on the Soviet Union this date unknown, although one source places it under Koluft/AOK 9, which does not seem correct.

25.6.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 (6M+FM) FTR from a recce in the Smolensk area, 100%, Oblt. Karl Hofmann + 3 MIA.

19.7.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88 crash landed at Fp.Schippenbeil, 100%, Staka Hptm. Lange + 3 all killed.

8.41: transferred to Vitebsk.

9.9.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88A-5 (6M+DM) FTR from a recce of the Vyazma-Tula-Orel area, 100%, 4 MIA.

28.11.41: (Ob.d.H.) - Ju 88D-l damaged due to engine failure at Fp.Vitebsk, 40%.

30.12.41: 4.(F)/11 had been ordered to move to Seschtschenskaja, and it was operating from there on 3 January 1942.

1/42: reassigned directly to VIII. Fliegerkorps for recce operations along the defensive front between Smolensk and Moscow, this subordination continuing into April; the Staffel was based at Seshchinskaya/40 km SE of Roslavl.

8.1.42: (Ob.d.H.) - 2 Ju 88s (6M+DM, LM) both FTR from recce flights in the vicinity of Sukhinichi/NE of Roslavl, both crews MIA.

10 Jan 42: had just three Ju 88s serviceable.

19 Jan 42: 4.(F)/11 was at Seschtschenskaja under VIII. Fliegerkorps, and was subordinated to Nakafü Süd.

30.1.42: (VIII.FI.K.) - Ju 88 (6M+BM) FTR from recce flight from Seshchinskaya to Medyn, 100%, 4 MIA.

1.3.42: Staffel reported 4 x Ju 88D-1, 1 x Ju 88D-5 and 4 x Ju 88A-5 on strength.

19.3.42: (VIII.FI.K.) - Ju 88D-l crash landed at Seshchinskaya, 100%, 4 killed.

22.4.42: based at Seshchinskaya.

5/42: from end of April or beginning of May, now under FAGr.2.

12.5.42: photographed the Suchinichi area/116 km NE of Bryansk.

26.5.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 (6M+BM) FTR from recce to the Yelnya-Yukhnov-Dorogobuzh area, 100%, 4 MIA.

30.5.42: Seshchinskaya under 1. Fliegerdivision.

3.6.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 (6M+LM) FTR from recce in the Kirov-Kaluga area, 100%, 4 MIA.

11.6.42: photographed the Tula area.

14.6.42: Staffel flying long-range reconnaissance under 1.Fliegerdivision in support of 2d Panzer Army in the Orel sector.

25.6.42: photographed the Demyansk area.

27.6.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (6M+LM) FTR from recce in the Yelets-Belev area, 100%, 4 MIA.

18.7.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 shot down by AA-fire near Yukhnov, 100%, 4 KIA.

22.8.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 (6M+EM) FTR from recce of the Yukhnov area/SE of Vyazma, 100%, 4 MIA.

23.8.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l destroyed in bombing of Fp.Seshchinskaya, 100%.

26.8.42: Staffel based at Seshchinskaya.

27.9.42: photographed the Mtsensk area/48 km NE of Orel.

26.10.42: (Ost) - 2 Ju 88D-6s damaged in bombing of Fp.Seshchinskaya, 35% and 15%.

4.11.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (6M+AM) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

9.11.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l shot down by a Russian fighter between Yelets and Kaluga, 100%, crew safe.

1.12.42: Staffel still based at Seshchinskaya.

1.12.42: (Ost) - Ju 88D-5 shot down by a fighter W of Novo Dugino, 100%, Oblt. Heinrich Köster (observer) + 3 KIA.

12/42- 1/43: Staffel probably on stand down for rest and refit, with personnel granted long overdue holiday leaves at home.

2/43: Staffel flying 4 to 6 Ju 88 recce sorties daily under 1.Fliegerdivision in the 2d Panzer Army sector anchored on Orel.

1.3.43: Staffel reported 6 x Ju 88D-1 and 3 x Ju 88D-5 on strength.

11.3.43: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (6M+FM) FTR -no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

17.3.43: (Ost) - Ju 88D-l (60%) and Ju 88D-5 (15%) in bombing of Fp.Seshchinskaya.

26.3.43: still at Seshchinskaya.

6.5.43: (Lfl.6) - 5 Ju 88D-ls (15% -100%) and 1 Ju 88D-5 (20%) in bombing of Fp.Orel-West, 2 WIA.

24.5.43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (6M+KM) FTR - no details, 100%, Oblt. Anton Isslinger (Observer) + 3 MIA.

29.5.43: now based at or operating from Fp.Orel-West.

10.6.43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (6M+BM) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

30.6.43: (Lfl.6) - Ju 88D-l (6M+CM) FTR- no details, 100%, 4 MIA.

Germany. (Jul 43 - Nov 43)

7/43 - 11/43: Staffel transferred to Gutenfeld in East Prussia to convert to the Ju 188.

13.9.43: (Mitte) - Ju 188F-l damaged in landing accident at Fp.Gutenfeld, 70%, 2 injured.

19.10.43: (Mitte) - Ju 188F-1 force landed near Königsberg, 35%, 1 injured.

4.11.43: (Mitte) - Ju 188F-1 force landed near Rügenwalde, 60%, 2 injured.

Central Russia and Poland. (Nov 43 - Jan 45)

17.11.43: conversion completed, transferred to Bobruisk to recommence reconnaissance operations under FAGr.2/Luftflotte 6. But Bobruisk was too close to the front for long-range recce units and it was ordered to Baranowicze in eastern Poland in December.

2/44- 6/44: Baranowicze under FAGr.2.

1.3.44: Staffel reported 10 x Ju 188F-1 on strength.

28.6.44: at Pinsk-West with Ju 188s under FAGr.2/Luftflotte 6.

7/44 -8/44: withdrew into central and western Poland following the advances of the Soviet summer offensive and based at Dęblin-Ulez (5-24 July) and then Bielice/50 km W of Warsaw (Chodaków/5.6 km north-north-east of Bielice is also mentioned).

20.8.44: Ju 188 shot down by fighters near Lublin, 100%, crew captured.

9/44- 11/44: at Thorn (Torun)/NW Poland under FAGr.2.

29.11.44: now back at Bielice with 7(7) Ju 188s under FAGr.2.

12.44: transferred to Sprottau/Silesia.

22.1.45: (Lfl.6) - Ju 188D-2 blown up to prevent capture by the enemy, but location not reported, 100%.

Germany. (Feb 45 - May 45)

4.2.45: at Sprottau/Silesia.

26.3.45: at Neuruppin/60 km NW of Berlin under FAGr.2.

29.3.45: now at Welzow/c.100 km SSE of Berlin under FAGr.2.

26.4.45: Flensburg/Schleswig-Holstein.

28.4.45: Staffel operating under FAGr. 2 with Ju 188s.

7.5.45: in existence to the end, the Staffel is said to have joined FAGr. 2 at Odense/Denmark in the last days of April or the first days of May and dissolved there on 7 May.

FpN:(L 20630)


Oblt. Karl-Heinz Kirchbach (Mar 39? - c. 31 Aug 39)

Hptm. Ulrich Hoffmann (c. 1 Sep 39 - Mar 41)

Hptm. Günther Lange (Mar 41 - Jul 41)

Hptm. Werner Thiel (Jul 41 - 18 Feb 42)

Hptm. Hans Plate (19 Feb 42 -  ? ) 9/42

Maj. Emil Badorrek (RE, DKG) (1943 -  ? ) 11/43, 11/44?

Hptm. Rudolf Scheibel (  ? - 8 May 45)

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Aufklärungsgruppe 11