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Formation and History. (May 44 - Sep 44)

Formed 8 May 1944, probably at Nantes/W France, by renaming Horch-und Störstaffel 2. Initially equipped with one Junkers Ju 188F-1, one Ju 88A-4, one Dornier Do 217E and one Heinkel He 111H-1. Identified at Nantes on 25 May, 31 May and 26 June. Plans called for re-equipping the Staffel with Junkers Ju 290s, but this was never carried out. On 14 July, the Staffel reported 1 Ju 188 and 1 Do 217 on strength. By 16 July it was divided between Nantes and Varades, the latter a small dispersal strip 60 km NE of Nantes. All aircraft were turned in during the second half of July, these going to 6.(F)/123 along with the Staffel’s 54 officers and men, and 4.(F)/FAGr. 5 began disbanding, this being completed by 5 September. Some of the personnel may have been reassigned to IV./ZG 26 in Norway.[1]

FpNs: (L 50083?, L 55985 D?)

Staffelkapitän Hptm. Kunz (May 1944 - 23 Aug 1944)

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