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4./MSGr. 1

also as: 4. Minensuchstaffel (after 29 Feb 44)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed 1 December 1942 at San Pancrazio near Taranto in the heel of Italy using in part assets taken from the disbanded Sonderkommando “Mausi”; formation was completed around the end of December. The Staffel operated mainly in the Mediterranean until Oct 44.[1]

Mediterranean, Balkans and Germany. (Dec 42 - May 45)

27 Jan 43: sent a Kdo. (detachment) of 2 Ju 52s to operate from Sfax (Safāqis)/E Tunisia this date.[2]

4 Feb 43: Staffel ordered to transfer from San Pancrazio to Foggia, with all future operations to be in the waters off Tunisia and its strength to be increased to 12 Ju 52 “Mausi” aircraft. However, it was still at San Pancrazio on 12 February. The move to Foggia was evidently made shortly after this.[3]

12 Feb 43: the Staffel set up a forward command post at Tunis this date.[4]

14 Feb 43: a Staffel strength return reported 2 Ju 52s at Bizerta/Tunisia, 1 at Tunis and the remainder in Italy and Sicily.[5]

23-26 Feb 43: one Ju 52 ordered from Tunis to Trapani/W Sicily to carry out sweeping operations there, and on 26 February another Ju 52 was directed to move to Crete to sweep the entrance to Heraklion (Iráklion, Candia) harbor, Crete.[6]

27 Mar 43: Tunisian Kdos. were at Tunis and Bizerta.[7]

5 Apr 43: Ju 52 bombed on the ground at Tunis, 20%.[8]

11 Apr 43: 2 Ju 52s shot down by Allied fighters near Cape Bon/Tunisia, both 100%, Hptm. Otto Kraus + 4 KIA, 3 WIA.

28 Apr 43: still had one Ju 52 at Tunis, but all others had departed by this date.[9]

7 May 43: 4 crew members reported MIA at Tunis - no aircraft involved and no details.

Jun 43: from June 1943 to at least October 1944 the Staffel’s strength returns reported an average of 12 to 20 Ju 52s on strength.[10]

10 Jun 43: Ju 52 crashed into the sea near Pola/Istria due to engine failure, 100%, crew rescued.

24 Jun 43: Staffel reported 11(5) Ju 52 “Mausi” on strength divided between Foggia, Pisa and near Venice.[11]

24 Oct 43: resting and refitting at Milano-Linate.[12]

26 Nov 43: half of the Staffel based at Milano-Linate/N Italy and the other half at Heraklion/Crete.[13]

28 Feb 44: a Schwarm (4 aircraft) now based in the Athens area under the operational control of X. Fliegerkorps.[14]

24 Apr 44: Staffel at Athens-Tanagra under Lw.Kdo. Südost with a Kdo. of 2 planes detached in the Belgrade area.[15]

30 May 44: one Schwarm at Athens-Tanagra under Komm.Gen.d.dt.Lw. in Griechenland and the remainder of the Staffel deployed in the Belgrade area to help clear mines dropped into the Danube by night-flying RAF bombers operating out of Italy.[16]

4 Jul 44: 2 Ju 52s out of a formation of 3 were shot down into the Danube near Craiova/Romania by U.S. P-38s. The “Mausi” Ju’s had been attacked while they were clearing mines.[17]

27 Jul 44: Staffel still based at Athens-Tanagra with around 7 Ju 52s detached in the Belgrade area.[18]

Aug 44: 4. Minensuchstaffel (less 7 aircraft in the Belgrade area) moved from Tanagra to Athens-Kalamaki during the second half of August.[19]

Sep 44: Staffel moved again, and reported at Athens-Eleusis on 26 September.[20]

18 Oct 44: departed Greece and transferred to Dresden-Heller on or about this date. It remained there until the end of the war assigned to Luftflotte Reich, but there is no indication in the surviving documents of any activity or of it being ordered disbanded.[21]

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