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5./MSGr. 1

also as: 5. Minensuchstaffel (after 29 Feb 44)

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed 1 December 1942? There is a near-absence of information on this Staffel prior to January 1944, although strength returns indicate that the Staffel first took delivery of aircraft in May 1943 when 6 Ju 52 “Mausi” were received. Therefore, it is doubtful if it was formed much prior to that date. There is no verifiable information concerning the place of formation, although one researcher has suggested Cognac in SW France which, if true, would suggest that it may have been a spin-off from 1./MSGr. 1.[1]

Denmark. (May 43? - May 45)

Oct 43: according to the strength returns, the Staffel had an average of 14 to 21 Ju 52s on hand between October 1943 and at least the end of 1944.[2]

Jan 44: based at Vaerløse/S Denmark.[3]

6 Apr 44: all or elements at Copenhagen-Kastrup.[4]

14 Apr 44: 2 Ju 52s shot down by RAF Mosquitos near Vaerløse.[5]

15 May 44: Staffel at Vaerløse with a Kdo. (detachment) at Stettin-Altdamm.[6]

Jun 44: moved to Aalborg (Ålborg)/N Denmark during late May or early June and responsible for the area north to Norway and east to the Baltic.[7]

28 Jun 44: Staffel had 2 Ju 52s deployed at Vaerlose, 4 at Kiel-Holtenau, 3 at Danzig and 3 at Stettin.[8]

Jul 44: sent a Kdo. to Budapest-Budaörs/Hungary to relieve elements of 1. Minensuchstaffel based there and assist in the removal of mines from the Danube; the Kdo. remained there until at least October.[9]

25 Oct 44: at Vaerløse with a Kdo. at Oslo-Fornebu. The main body of the Staffel remained at Vaerløse until it surrendered in May 1945.[10]

8 Dec 44: at Vaerløse and Copenhagen-Kastrup with a Kdo. at Aalborg-West.[11]

11 Dec 44: lost a Ju 52 and crew while detonating mines magnetically at low altitude off the northern tip of Denmark. The explosion tore a large hole in the rear of the Junkers and it plunged into the sea.[12]

28 Apr 45: Vaerløse - surrendered a week or so later.[13]

FpN:(L 52409)


Hptm. Ernst Rabe von Pappenheim (May 43? - Aug 44)

Oblt. Siegfried Kolossa (Aug 44 - ? )

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