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6.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 32

Code: (V7 + )

also as: 6.(H)/32 (Pz)

Formation and Training. (Dec 40 - May 41)

Formed or ordered formed second half of December 1940 or beginning of January 1941, probably in NE France or Belgium, using assets taken from 2.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 32 and equipped with Henschel Hs 126s.[1]

Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Mar 43)

22.6.41: Brest-Litovsk area in eastern Poland under Koluft Panzergruppe 2/Army Group Center for the attack on the Soviet Union this date - assigned to support 17. Panzer-Division/XXXXVII. Armeekorps (mot) along a line of march via Orsha - Smolensk (16 July) - Konotop (25 August) - Kiev Pocket (16 September) - Bryansk (6 October) and forward toward Tula (November).

11.8.41: at Smolensk-South under Gruppenfliegerstab 31 in support of 17th Panzer Division.

1.11.41: now at Karachev/75 km WNW of Orel under Koluft Panzergruppe 2 in support of XXXXVII Motorized Corps, with recce operations beginning to move to Orel.

12.41: an un-sourced postwar account states that some of the Staffel personnel were dragooned into a provisional Gefechtskompanie (combat company) and fought in the Anisovo Gorodishche area/107 km due south of Vyazma. The Gefechts-Kp. was named after its commander, Oblt. Rupprecht Gubalke, a Flak officer. A number of these ad hoc combant units were formed at this time to help stop the advance of a Soviet counteroffensive along the front to the west of Moscow, so this account is entirely plausible.

30.12.41: Hs 126 damaged in accident at Fp. Orel, 40%.

24.1.42: Orel assigned to Stab/Aufkl.Gr.(H) Süd.

17.2.42: Hs 126 crash landed at Gorodiche, 80%, 1 injured.

28.2.42: at Orel-West - lost one Hs 126 during a Soviet fighter attack on the airfield this date, leaving only 5 Hs 126s on strength.

3.42 – 5.42: location and activity unknown, but probably at Orel-West or possibly withdrawn for rest and refit.

14.6.42: Orel area under Nahaufklärungsgruppe 15 with orders to support XXXV Corps/2d Panzer Army during the summer offensive that was about to begin.

23.6.42: Fiesler Fi 156 shot down by a fighter over Bategovo, 100%, pilot KIA.

23.7.42: Hs 126 B-1 damaged landing near Orel, 80%.

8.42 – 10.42: no information.

22.11.42: transferred to Bryansk this date (possibly from Orel).

31.12.42: still under NAGr. 15 (Stab at Orel) in support of 2d Panzer Army.

1.43: Staffel’s location from this date is unknown. It appears the air crew may have departed for Jesau/East Prussia in January to convert to the Bf 110, while at least some of the ground personnel were sent to the Stalingrad front where they were later reported as casualties.

1.2.43: Staffel reported 6 x Bf 110 G-3 on strength.

3.43: renamed 3./NAGr. 4 at Jesau (Bf 110s) around 1 March 1943.

FpN:6.(H)/32 (L 41390)


Hptm. Hans ("Hannes") Mayer (  ? -  ? ) 1/41

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ANDERNACH, August-Wilhelm, Lt./Oblt.

BAUMELER, Hans, Lt./Oblt.

FULLER, Wilhelm, Lt.

LÜTZENBERGER, Hans-Otto, Oblt.


© by Henry L. deZeng IV (Work in Progress). (1st Draft 2021)

Additional Notes and Losses

26.8.42: At Kusnezy under NAGr. 15, Pz.AOK 2.[2]


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