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7.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 12

(Code: (H1 + )

Formation and Training. (Jan 41 - Mar 41)

Formed around January 1941, possibly at Landes de Bussac/c.40 km NE of Bordeaux in western France, with Henschel Hs 126s using assets from 4.(H)/12, although the date of the order for the formation may have been earlier, perhaps in November or December 1940. Other possible locations for its formation are Antwerpen/Belgium and Münster-Loddenheide.[1]

2.41 – 6.41: once the aircrews and other personnel had been assembled in France, it appears that the Staffel’s training and workup was shifted to Germany.

12.3.41: Hs 126B struck obstacle at Fp. Schwäbisch Hall, 80%, 1 injured.

Central Russia. (Mar 41 - Jan 42)

25.3.41: Hs 126 crashed near Allenstein/East Prussia, 100%, 2 killed.

3.6.41: Hs 126B-1 damaged taxiing at Fp. Dęblin-Irena/C Poland, 20%, 1 killed.

22.6.41: Staffel in eastern Poland under Koluft AOK 4/Heeresgruppe Mitte for the attack on the Soviet Union this date, and assigned to support XLIII. Armeekorps along a line of march Brest-Litovsk area/E Poland - Bobruisk - Roslavl area (August) - attack on Moscow from a southwest direction (October to December).

9.9.41: Hs 126B-1 damaged taxiing at Fp. Shatalovka/55 km SE of Smolensk, 25%.

2.12.41: Hs 126B-1 (H1+GR) shot down by a Russian fighter in the Kubinka area/63 km SW of Moscow, 100%, 2 MIA.

17.12.41: Hs 126 damaged taxiing on a forward airstrip near Maloyaroslavets/100 km SW of Moscow, 10%.

1.42: Staffel transferred to Landsberg/Lech in South Germany and disbanded - the personnel were largely reassigned to ZG 76, while the few aircraft that may have remained were left in Russia.

FpN:7.(H)/12 (L 44405).


© H.L. deZeng IV, 2021


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