7. Jagddivision

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7. Jagddivision

(FpN: L 50400)


Gen.Lt. Walter Schwabedissen (15 Sep 43 - 03 Nov 43)

Oberst Walter Grabmann, acting (4 Nov 43 - 11 Nov 43)

Gen.Maj. Joachim-Friedrich Huth (6 Feb 44 - 30 Nov 44)[1]

Gen.Maj. Karl Hentschel (10 Apr 45 - 8 May 45)

Formation. (Sep 43)

Formed 15 September 1943 with effect from 15 October 1943 at Munich-Schleissheim (ex-Stab/5. Jagddivision). Controlled night fighter (and later day fighter) operations over southern Germany and Austria under I. Jagdkorps. The Division subordinated Jagdfliegerführer Ostmark, Jagdabschnittsführer Mittelrhein as well as Ln.-Regiment 217, 227 and 237, these providing radar coverage and other communications within its territory[2]

South Germany and Austria. (Sep 43 - May 45)

Sep 43: Stab remained at Munich-Schleissheim until September 1944 when an Allied air raid (probably the large-scale 15th USAAF attack on N and NE Munich on 22 September) destroyed the Division's administration building, forcing Gen.Maj. Huth and his immediate staff to move to Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm/40 km N of Munich. But the plotting room and all other sections of the Stab remained at Schleissheim.[3]

17 Feb 45: now under IX. Fliegerkorps (J), which replaced I. Jagdkorps this date.

21 Apr 45: Stab elements at Pfaffenhofen and Schleissheim ordered to begin withdrawing to the south.[4]

3 May 45: Stab at Zell am See/north-central Austria being disbanded under Luftwaffenkdo. West.[5]

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