9. Fliegerdivision

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9. Fliegerdivision

(FpN: L 32688)


Gen.Lt. Joachim Coeler (12 Feb 40 - 15 Nov 40)

Formation. (Feb 40)

Formed 22 February 1940 at Jever/N Germany to exercise command over units employed in aerial mining operations, particularly against Great Britain. Communications support provided by Ln.-Abt. 39.[1]

North Germany and Holland. (Feb 40 - Nov 40)

10 May 40: Stab at Jever directly under Ob.d.L. for the attack on France and the Low Countries.[2]

23 May 40: reassigned to Luftflotte 2 with effect from this date (to 16 Nov 40).

Jul 40: transferred from Jever to Holland.[3]

13 Aug 40: Stab now at Soesterberg/Holland for the air offensive against England (Battle of Britain).[4]

21 Aug 40: Stab at Bloemendaal/Holland. This brings into question the 13 August entry stating that it was at Soesterberg. Perhaps it moved or perhaps the Stab was never at Soesterberg.[5]

16 Nov 40: Bloemendaal - Stab expanded and renamed Gen.Kdo. Fliegerkorps IX on or about this date.[6]

Ergänzungs-Kampfstaffel Fliegerdivision 9

See under Ergänzungs- units.

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