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(DE) (51.46.40 N 11.25.40 E)

General: Feldflugplatz. 45 Km north-west of Halle, 3 km north-west of the town centre and between two railway lines.

History:1927, a notlandplatz (emergency landing ground) existed here. A glider school was also located here. Junkers component factory located on the south-east side of the airfield, this was established in 1935 and at its height employed 6,000 people and occupied 564,000 sq.m.

Dimensions: 730 m by 550 m

Runway: Grass Infrastructure:


Remarks: Feb 1944 USAAF B-17s attack aircraft industry sites at Aschersleben. Feb 1944 to Feb 1945 in use.

Operational Units:

Station Commands:

Station Units


Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich

Fliegerhortkommandaturen un Flugplätze der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1939- 45 - Mattiello/Streit.