Aufklärungsgruppe (F) Nacht

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Aufklärungsgruppe (F) Nacht

Several postwar sources have implied the existence of a Gruppenstab for the four Nachtaufklärungsstaffeln (1. - 4.), but there is absolutely no support for this in the surviving documents. No Feldpost number was ever issued for a Gruppenstab nor is there a KStN for one. There is no mention of a Stab in any of the German records or in any of the Allied intelligence documentation, including the ULTRA intercepts.

A Note on the Aufklärungsgruppe (F) Nacht:

Nachtaufklärungsstaffel (night reconnaissance squadron) - KStN 1123n These went through several changes in designation as noted below:

as: Nachtflugstaffel (June 1941 - April 1942)
Nachtaufklärungsstaffel des General der Luftwaffe beim Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres (April 1942 - c.November 1942)
Nachtaufklärungsstaffel (c.November 1942 - May 1945)
Aufklärungsstaffel (F)/Nacht (abbreviated or short form in use 1942-45)

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