Aufklärungsgruppe (H) 156

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Aufklärungsgruppe (H) 156

Formed February 1940 at Crailsheim with a large number of Fieseler Fi 156 “Storch” liaison planes as a top secret special operations unit for the planned attack in the West on 10 May 1940. After intense training with attached infantry at Crailsheim during February, March and April, moved forward at the beginning of May to Bitburg in the Eifel with around 130 Fi 156s and 3 Junkers Ju 52 transports. At dawn on 10 May, airlifted 400 men from III./Inf.Rgt. “Grossdeutschland” in numerous shuttle flights to secure road junctions along the line of attack in South Belgium and NE France. Tactically, the attack involved two separate operations: (l) “Niwi” near the villages of Nives and Witry in the Ardennes in southern Belgium, and (2) “Rosa” in Luxembourg. In practice only “Niwi” was carried out according to plan, although a separate operation was flown to airlift 125 men from the 34th Infantry Division to key junctions in Luxembourg. The operation was judged a complete success and the loss of 21 Fi 156s and 2 Ju 52s was considered acceptable. Mission completed, AGr.(H) 156 was disbanded on or about 12 May 1940.[1]

FpN:Aufkl.Gr.(H) 156 (L 34724).


Maj. Otto Förster (Feb 40 - c.12 May 40)

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