Aufklärungsgruppe Afrika

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Aufklärungsgruppe Afrika

Formed about April 1942 (ex-Koluft Afrika/Koluft Libyen), probably at Benghazi where it was attached to Rommel’s Panzer Army Afrika (Panzerarmee-Oberkommando Afrika) as a Stab to control tactical reconnaissance in North Africa. Consisting of a Stab and Stabskompanie, it accompanied Rommel’s headquarters back and forth across North Africa from spring 1942 to spring 1943. In October 1942 it was located at Bir el Abd, to the west of the El Alamein positions in western Egypt, where the Stabskp. reported a total of 4 WIA during low-level strafing attacks by Allied aircraft on 12 and 20 October. Disbanded around March/April 1943 following the German withdrawal into Tunisia.[1]

FpN:Aufkl.Gr.Afrika (L 44019).


Maj. Hans von Osterhausen (  ? - 27 Mar 43) 7/42

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