Aufklärungsgruppe X. Fliegerkorps

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Aufklärungsgruppe X. Fliegerkorps

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Formation and History. (Jul 41 - Feb 42)

Not formally established and existence questionable. According to captured and interrogated German air crew, a provisional Stab formed July 1941 at Athens-Tatoi to direct the operations of 1.(F)/121 and 2.(F)/123 in the eastern Mediterranean and over North Africa. The Stab was disbanded in February 1942 with 1.(F)/121 moving to North Africa and 2.(F)/123 remaining in Greece. This statement is consistent with German methods for coordinating long-range reconnaissance in theaters lacking a Luftflotte headquarters. The date of disbandment also coincides with the arrival of Stab/Aufklärungsgruppe 122 in the Mediterranean to take over responsibility for all long-range reconnaissance in that theatre.[1]

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