Aufklärungsstaffel (F) des Flakkorps II

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Aufklärungsstaffel (F) des Flakkorps II

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Formed February-March 1940 to support II.Flakkorps during the impending campaign in the West that commenced 10 May 1940. Initially equipped with 5 Dornier Do 17Ms. In practice, the Staffel is said to have been used instead to support the so-called Luftlandekorps during the airborne and airlanding operation around Rotterdam and The Hague in Holland during the first few days of the campaign, providing reconnaissance and surveillance of the ground fighting in the area of the 7.Fliegerdivision (parachute troops) with 4 Do 17Ms and 6 Henschel Hs 126s. Disbanded at the end of the campaign and its assets turned over to Aufkl.St. 1.(F)/121. [1].

Confirmation needed - no mention of this Staffel has so far been found in documents or the loss reports. Possibly same as or confused with Aufkl.St. Fliegerdivision 7?

FpN: Aufkl.St.(F) d.Flakkorps II (L 36379).


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