Aufklärungsstaffel Fliegerdivision 7

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Aufklärungsstaffel Fliegerdivision 7

(Unit Code: 4Q+) ?

Formation. (1939)

Formed 1939 at Stendal/Anhalt to provide direct reconnaissance support to the parachute infantry forces of 7.Fliegerdivision.[1]

Germany and West. (Sep 39 - Jan 41)

1 Sep 39: based at Liegnitz/Silesia under 7. Fliegerdivision for the attack on Poland. Airborne forces were little used during the campaign in Poland, so the Staffel is not believed to have been very active.

Jan – Feb 40: possibly at Stendal.

Mar – Apr 40: at Goslar.

May 40: Gütersloh preparing for airborne operations in the West commencing on 10 May.

10 May 40: 2 Do 17Zs lost in action, probably over Holland, both 100%, both crews reported as MIA.

11 May 40: Hs 126 lost on operations in Holland, 100%, 2 KIA.

11 May 40: Do 17M shot up by a Dutch Fokker D XXI fighter over Den Helder - no details.

Jun 40 - Dec 40: whereabouts and activity of the Staffel after the conclusion of operations in Holland are not known with certainty, but it is believed to have transferred to Goslar in Jun 40 and remained there; except for a few weeks at an airfield on the French Channel coast in September in anticipation of possible airborne operations in conjunction with Operation “Seelöwe” (Sealion) against England.

1 Jan 41: renamed Aufklärungsstaffel XI. Fliegerkorps on or about this date.

FpN: (L 23231)


Oblt. Lothar Sähloff ( ? - ? ) 9/39

Oblt. Heinz-Wolfgang Florin ( ? - 10 May 41) PoW

Hptm. Gerhard (Erich?) Langguth ( ? - ? )

Hptm. Lampertsdorfer? ( ? - ? )

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FRANKE, Alfred, Lt.

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