Aufklärungsstaffel Oberost

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Aufklärungsstaffel Oberost

Unit Code: (M4 + ) ?

also as: Aufklärungsstaffel Oberbefehlshaber Ost

Formation and Operations

Formed approximately March 1940 to provide tactical reconnaissance support for the occupation forces in Poland while virtually all other reconnaissance units were moved West for the forthcoming attack on France and the Low Countries that began on 10 May. On that date, 10 May, the Staffel reported 8 Heinkel He 46Cs on strength, but at various times it also flew He 45s and Arado Ar 66s. On 24 July 1940 an Ar 66 assigned to the Staffel was totalled in a crash at Fp.Radom in Central Poland killing the pilot. The Staffel did not have much to do and is thought to have been used for courier and liaison work rather than reconnaissance. Renamed Aufkl.St. 7.(H)/32 in early 1941.[1]

FpN: Aufkl.St. Oberost (L 00288).


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