Aufklärungsstaffel XI. Fliegerkorps

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Aufklärungsstaffel XI. Fliegerkorps

(Unit Code: 4Q+)

Formation. (Jan 41)

Formed on or about 1 January 1941, probably at Goslar (ex-Aufkl.St. Fliegerdivision 7).[1]

Germany and Balkans. (Jan 41 - Dec 42)

17 Feb 41: Fieseler Fi 156 struck the ground at Seesen/SW of Goslar, 40%.

30 Apr 41: Bf 110D-3 crash landed at Fp. Leipheim, 90%.

9 May 41: Bf 110 crashed at Fp.Salonika-Sedes/Greece on return from a recce sortie over Crete, 100%, 2 killed. Staffel deployed to Greece to support XI. Fliegerkorps for the airborne assault on Crete that commenced 20 May. One of the two killed was Staka Hptm. (later Maj.) Hans Lampertsdörfer.

13 May 41: Bf 110 (4Q+KH) missing on operations over Crete - no details, 100%, Oblt. Hugo Holthöfer + 1 KIA. Aircraft was on a mission to investigate and photograph potential drop zones and landing grounds for airborne forces.

21 May 41: Bf 110 (4Q+DH) missing on operations over Crete - no details, 100%, Oblt. Harald Triebel KIA.

Jun 41 - Nov 42: no further entries for the Staffel, but believed to have returned to Goslar. The aircraft were apparently parked and the Staffel inactivated following the end of operations on Crete.

Jun 42: Staffel may have deployed to South Italy for planned airborne operations against Malta, but then returned to Goslar a few weeks later via Würzburg when the operation was cancelled.

Oct 42: transferred from Goslar to Russia (Fp. Shatalovka?).

1 Dec 42: o/a this date renamed 1. and 2./NAG 16, probably at Konotop/N Ukraine. Loss report evidence suggests the Staffel’s Bf 110s went to 1./NAG 16, while 2./NAG 16 got Fw 189s. It appears the Staffel had been inactive and on standby in Germany, or the occupied West for a year and a half until Berlin decided it was no longer needed due to future airborne operations being unlikely.

FpN: (L 23231)


Hptm. Hans Lampertsdörfer ( ? - 9 May 41)

Also see:

HÖLTHOFER, Hugo, Oblt.

TRIEBEL, Harald, Oblt.

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